Zelda Is Your…?

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Zelda is your… destiny? Only hope? Sister, a la Star Wars? For a little while, rumors abounded about the true meaning behind Link’s uncle’s words. Thanks to the power of emulators, we can now see what the Japanese version says and put an end to this enduring mystery.

“Save Princess Zelda.
Y, you are the Princess’s … …”

Nope, still don’t know what he’s talking about. Better luck next time, Nintendo fans!


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  1. Bryan says:

    Actually that change seems pretty meaningful – “You are the Princess’s _______” could make much more sense for ideas like “last hope,” “only chance,” etc. while “The Princess is your ______” doesn’t really work for so much of those more neutral ideas and is much more suggestive for something like familial relations (which I remember being my initial reaction seeing it at age 10).

  2. Fizz says:

    Here’s a question for you or anyone with the time… this line was fixed in the GBA version, but in the Palace of the Four Sword, the original line, or a variation upon, is used before the battle with the orange Blind, possibly as a reference to the original mistranslation. Question is, what is that line in the Japanese version? I ought to go check sometime.

  3. Frayky Bayby says:

    Thats the fun with Zelda, many games there is like your mom died and your character grieves for revenge and hate the guy who killed her! But in Zelda, Link has really no emotions cause it’s your emotion that counts. So in a Zelda game it could be like someone kills your mom, some players can start to hate the guy who did it, but other players can be like “Nevermind, i didn’t even like that whore MOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” Same thing with that text it is the players mind that decides what The uncle says!

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