The Development of A Link to the Past

| April 23, 2012

The following interview with Shigeru Miyamoto took place in 1991. It was retrieved from Game Staff List Association Japan, a Japanese website that, among other things, aims to summarize, transcribe, and categorize interviews with video game developers. Development We started making the game at the same time as Super Mario World. Even back when we […]

Early Screenshots

| August 12, 2011

Now updated with new screenshots and commentary from Fizz. “The third in the Zelda series will make its debut on their Super NES this Fall!. This time the plot changes, as you are not looking for the Triforce of Power, but rather, you will travel back in time to the land of Hyrule before it […]

Zelda Is Your…?

| June 9, 2011

Zelda is your… destiny? Only hope? Sister, a la Star Wars? For a little while, rumors abounded about the true meaning behind Link’s uncle’s words. Thanks to the power of emulators, we can now see what the Japanese version says and put an end to this enduring mystery. “Save Princess Zelda. Y, you are the […]

The Men Who Made Zelda – Staff Interview

| May 28, 2011

The following interview was taken from the official guidebook to the Japanese version of A Link to the Past, published in 1991 by Shogakukan. Special thanks to Rick Cressen of TCRF wiki for acting as my ALttP consultant. The Men Who Made Zelda The staff who gathered to revive The Legend of Zelda, a masterpiece […]

Crazy Commercial Revisited

| May 12, 2011

出る出る、ゼルダの伝説 deru deru, zeruda no densetsu It’s coming, coming, The Legend of Zelda 出る出る出る出るついに出る deru deru deru deru tsui ni deru It’s coming, coming, coming, coming, finally coming ゴージャス、今度の冒険 gojasu, kondo no bouken This adventure is gorgeous! リアル、君もすぐに体験 riaru, kimi mo sugu ni taiken Soon you too will be able to experience the realism 憎いでやんすね、こんちくしょう […]

Official Prologue

| April 17, 2008

The Link to the Past soundtrack CD set, released in 1993, contained a second CD with orchestrated music from the title. The very last track was called “Sound & Drama” and told a radio-play style story that outlined the events that took place before the game proper. “The Prelude of Two” included sound effects and […]