Letter to a Staffer – The Mystery of the Travelling Salesman

| August 19, 2012

Recently, I managed to track down the contact information of a number of game developers, in the hopes of respectfully asking them about longstanding gaming mysteries. Today, I share with you the results of my correspondence with a staffer that worked on FFVII. Like most things on the site, it’s been translated from Japanese. Let’s […]

Part 6 : Chocobo Farm to Corel Prison

| April 4, 2012

We are speeding through the world of FFVII, hence why the article titles will read as “Location A to Location B” for a good while from now on. In this case we start with the Chocobo Farm, move on to the intermediate areas of the Mythril Mines, Fort Condor, Junon, Costa del Sol, Mt. Corel, […]

Part 5: Rescuing Aeris, Story Time at the Inn

| March 30, 2012

The Midgar Train, Sector 7 Slums and the Honey Bee Inn, all areas that Motomu Toriyama was responsible for, provided us with condensed amounts of unused material. As we take a pause from his work, the game heavily decreases in unused content per area. Though no field in later parts of the game rival the […]

Part 4: The Honey Bee Inn

| November 2, 2011

Of all the areas in Final Fantasy VII, the Honey Bee Inn ranks as one of the most memorable. The staggering amount of unused material here serves as a tribute to its legacy as a fan favorite. Make room in your hearts, folks, because after reading this and watching the embedded videos, you will love […]

Tenth Room

| July 4, 2011

BLACKBGK This room is named after Masato Kato, who received a Special Thanks credit in FF7 and later went on to direct Chrono Cross. Dark city fourth street 暗黒街4ちょうめ{End} ☞The Underworld, 4th St. Nurse: {Cloud}ster クラウドたん{End} ☞Cloud-tan {Barret}alator バレットぽん{End} ☞Barret-pon {Tifa}lonia ティファりん{End} ☞Tifa-rin Princess {Aeris} エアリスひめ{End} ☞Aeris-hime Little {Yuffie} ユフィちゃん{End} ☞Yuffie-chan Cait Sithers ケットシール{End} ☞Cait […]

Ninth Room

| July 4, 2011

BLACKBGI The text here is duplicated in BLACKBGH, CANON_1, CANON_2, MD8_BRDG2, MD8_6, MD8_B1, MD8_B2, MD8_32, MTCRL_2, SBWY4_22, SEMKIN_1, SEMKIN_2, SEMKIN_3, SEMKIN_4, SEMKIN_5, SEMKIN_6, SEMKIN_7, SEMKIN_8, SPIPE_1, SPIPE_2, SPGATE, TUNNEL_4, TUNNEL_5, TUNNEL_6, ZCOAL_1, ZCOAL_2, ZCOAL_3. This room has no name. Woman:   Quit   やめる ☞Cancel   next page   次ページ ☞Next Page   BLACKBGH   BLACKBGH ☞   […]

Eighth Room

| July 4, 2011

BLACKBG8 This room is named after Kazuhiko Yoshioka, one of the event planners of Final Fantasy VII. Tifa: Tifa ティファ Tifa “Going to north Corel. 「北コレルにとびます。 Warping to North Corel.     It doesn’t matter whether or not  バレットのイベントは It doesn’t matter whether or not     Ballet is in this event.  彼がいても、いなくてもいいです。 Barret’s present for his events.        […]

Seventh Room

| July 4, 2011

BLACKBG7 This room is named after Kazuhiko Yoshioka, one of the event planners of Final Fantasy VII. DEBUG よしおかデバッグ画面やねん{End} This is Yoshioka’s debug screen. DEBUG {Call 0}   Barret: Organaize Party ? パーティー編成をしますか? Form party? {CHOICE}Yes     は い ☞Yes {CHOICE}No     いいえ{End} ☞No First char 先頭は? Who’s the leader?      Cloud     クラウド ☞Cloud      Tifa     ティファ ☞Tifa […]

Sixth Room

| July 4, 2011

BLACKBG6   バレット Barret   「ニイハオ。わたしバレットアルヨ。 Nihao. Me am Barret. kyoukai no yane kara  ここは、教会の屋根から This is route that start from church roof 5bangai  5番街スラムへつづくコースアルネ。 and continue to Sector 5 slums.    このイベントがみたいヒトは、 People who want see this event    わたしのおとうと、ボレットに need go talk with my little brother    はなしかけるヨロシ。ハイ!!」{End} Borret. OK!! colneo yakata シド […]

Fifth Room

| July 4, 2011

BLACKBG4 EARITH HOME お家 House   いつか帰るよマイホームタウン♥{End} Someday I’ll return to my hometown. ♥     1F   okaasan au     1F  お母さんに会ってね ☞1F Come meet my mom!     1F   katari haha     1F  母、語る 衝撃の事実!! ☞1F Mom speaks, truth about the impact!!     2F   nigeru     2F さぁて、逃げようかな~ ☞2F Hmm, maybe I should go…     2F   ballet naku     2F バレット涙、涙、涙 ☞2F Barret cries, cries cries     hoka wo ataru […]