| July 28, 2011

A translation commissioned by RahanAkero. Kotonoha is by Mintjam, a band known for a variety of anime and game music. 透明な空を振り仰いで Face upturned towards the cloudless sky 名もなき花ひとつ 雪解けを待つように A single, nameless flower seems to wait for the melting snow 風は暖かい日差しに The wind’s gentleness is reflected by the warm sunlight 優しさを映して 春色を滲ませ Blurred with the colours of […]


| February 20, 2010

The first word was dream From the middle of sleep Gently taking the darkness From deep in my heart The second word was wind Teaching me the path I fanned my wings Into the arms of God As though counting The melting sorrows Yet another Golden apple fell A scene I’ve never seen That’s where […]

Radical Dreamers

| February 20, 2010

Osanai te ni tsutsunda That trembling light Furueteru sono hikari o I concealed in my young hands Koko made tadotte kita I followed here Jikan no fuchi o samayoi Wandering the brink of time Sagashi tsudzukete kita yo I continued my search Namae sae shiranai keredo Though I knew not even its name Tada hitotsu […]


| February 1, 2010

今はこんなに悲しくて I’m so sad right now 涙もかれ果てて My tears have all dried up もう二度と笑顔には It doesn’t seem like なれそうもないけど I’ll ever be able to smile again そんな時代もあったねと But someday the day will come いつか話せる日がくるわ When we can say there were times like those あんな時代もあったねと We’ll laugh and say きっと笑って話せるわ There were times like those だから今日はくよくよしないで […]

you – Visionen im Spiegel

| February 22, 2009

あなたは今どこで何をしてますか? Where are you now, what are you doing? この空の続く場所にいますか? Are you in this endless sky? 今まで私の心を埋めていたもの I realized for the first time 失って初めて気付いた I’ve lost the things that have filled my heart till now こんなにも私を支えてくれていたこと How much you supported me こんなにも笑顔をくれていたこと How much you made me smile 失ってしまった代償は とてつもなく大きすぎて That I’d lost them was […]

Asadoya Yunta

| February 15, 2009

After becoming entranced by Okinawan folk singer Rimi Natsukawa’s version of Shima Uta, I was browsing more of her performances on YouTube and found the equally enchanting Asadoya Yunta. The song is sung in the Okinawan dialect of Japanese, making some of the words and phrases difficult for me to understand. I tried Google for […]