Shigesato Itoi's Bass Fishing No. 1

| November 23, 2010

I found this in Akihabara for 180 yen with the box and original documents. It was marked as used, but I’m not sure it has been. Here’s some photos of the inserts that came with the game. Box: Fish: The package looks like this, but the game is realistic! Red Guy: This is Real! Girl: […]

Interface and Town

| June 17, 2010

BS-X -それは名前を盗まれた街の物語- BS-X The City With the Stolen Name はじめまして! Hello! Nice to meet you! あなたの名前を教えてください。 Please tell me your name. A – 次へ A – Next PAGE PAGE 進む Advance 戻る Return 終了 Close + – 文字選択 + – Character Selection A – 決定 A – Decide *Mascot* さんの性別を Please tell me 教えてください。 your gender. […]