The Colossi’s Nicknames

| November 26, 2011

Contrary to the rumors that originated with this post on the Playstation forums, the nicknames below appear to be the only alternate names for the Colossi. The names Malus, Cenobia, etc. that were so enthusiastically adopted by the fans seem to be fan-made themselves. View the thread debunking the original forum post here for more […]

Story Synopsis

| November 23, 2011

The official Shadow of the Colossus guidebook includes an explanation of the game’s ending, concept art, an interview with the developers, and unused Colossi. The synopsis below sheds light on the untold aspects of SotC’s story, but be sure to check out the other features as well! Click the images to enlarge. A heavy price […]

The Secret Garden

| November 20, 2011

The mystery of the secret garden you can climb to at the top of the Shrine of Worship is touched on by the official guidebook to the game. The Beautiful Scenery Stretches Out Before You Once you arrive at the top of the shrine, follow the path to the left to arrive at a garden […]

The Ending Made Clear

| July 2, 2011

The story, the truth, that couldn’t be told during the game. Mr. Ueda speaks about the thoughts behind the ending. Click the images to enlarge. Another Ending The voice you can hear after defeating a Colossus is calling out to restrain Wander. At first you can only hear breathing, but as the girl begins to […]

Unused Colossi in Action

| July 1, 2011

The unused Colossi in action. These pages are from the official guidebook to the game. Click the images to enlarge! Check out more Shadow of the Colossus concept art, early screenshots, and developer interviews here, including the truth behind the ending!

Unused Colossi Sketches

| June 29, 2011

Concept art for various unused Colossi in the game. Click the images to enlarge! Check out more Shadow of the Colossus design notes here.

Concept Art

| June 27, 2011

Concept art for places and characters of Shadow of the Colossus. Spoiler-free. Click the images to enlarge them. From the Workplace Points become lines. Lines become surfaces. Living without peace, unrestrained. Unshakeable purpose brings forth a wondrous work. [From the Workplace 1] Production Illustrations The world of “Shadow of the Colossus” was spun from enormous […]

Character Pages

| June 22, 2011

These excerpts are from the first pages of the Shadow of the Colossus Artbook (actually more of a guidebook), giving spoiler-free information on the characters in the game. I just beat this title, so expect lots of content from it in days to come. Wander The Youth Who Wields the Ancient Sword The work’s protagonist. […]

Protected: Early Prologue

| July 24, 2006

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.