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The following translation of the Faria box and manual was commissioned by Xkeeper of The Cutting Room Floor, a contributor-run wiki dedicated to the preservation of unused and debug game content.

[Comical] Fantasy RPG
Sword of the Seal

[Comical] Fantasy RPG
Sword of the Seal

…Several thousand years ago, Revya the mage was sealed away by the gods of the heavens. But now Revya has been revived, and an eerie thunder knells through the land. Not only that, his followers have imprisoned the king’s princess! The king searches among the towns of the kingdom for a warrior who will defeat Revya. A single female warrior steps forward…

Faria boasts huge levels, an action-packed story, and comedic performances. This much-anticipated large-scale RPG takes the stage!

Sword of the Seal
Nintendo Family Computer

Nintendo Family Computer
Sword of the Seal

The FF mark is something that can only be affixed to the Family Computer, as well as devices and things that connect to those devices that Nintendo has approved to be compatible with the Family Computer.


Nintendo Family Computer

A Request Concerning Backup Cartridges

•Removing the cartridge with the console turned on and turning the power switch on and off excessively can result in backed up data being erased.
•Due to the device’s sensitive nature, please avoid strong shocks and storing or using it under extreme temperatures. Don’t disassemble it under any circumstances.
•Please don’t touch the ports or get them wet or dirty. This will result in failure.
•Lithium batteries can be exchanged for a price.

Family Computer & Famicom are trademarks of Nintendo.

Released by Hi-SCORE Media Works Inc.
Belfive Building 3F, 2-34-13, Sendagaya, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 〒151
Sales: Pack-In-Video Inc.
Ginza Wall Building 6F, 6-13-16, Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 〒151

The export, rental, and commercial use of this product is strictly forbidden.

Nintendo Family Computer
Sword of the Seal
Instruction Manual
Family Computer & Famicom are trademarks of Nintendo.


1 Story
2 How to Use the Controller
3 How to Start Your Adventure
4 Window Commands
5 Concerning Shops
7 Concerning Items
9 Concerning Battle Controls
10 Concerning Battle-Exclusive Items
11 Concerning Monsters
12 Concerning the Strength Command


A war was raged in the age of scriptures.
It was a war between the god of the heavens and Revya the mage.
The battle continued for 256 days.
The power of the mage was immense, and it seemed as though even the deity might be destroyed.
The god created dragons and sealed his own life within them, continuing the fight.
The mage lost the battle, and his spirit was sealed within a sword.
Years passed, and these events fell into legend.
One day, thousands of years later, the seal was broken with an eerie thunderous knell.
Revya, the last mage of the ancient times, had resurrected along with 5 henchmen.
One of them, a monster who had sprouted wings, kidnapped the princess.
According to rumor, the princess was imprisoned within Gelb Tower.
King Cassis dispatched soldiers in order to save her.
However, there wasn’t a single soul who was able to save the princess and return home safely.
At a loss, the king decided to beg the assistance of travelling warriors.
The king put up an official proclamation in the village that read “The one who rescues the princess will become her groom.”
Swayed by the pleas of the villagers, a female warrior who happened to be in Ehdo Village decided to rescue their beloved princess.

How to Start Your Adventure

Insert the cartridge properly and turn on the power. First the title screen with appear, then an open book with commands written on it will be displayed. The meaning of the commands is as follows.

Start Your Adventure

If you’re starting an adventure for the first time, choose this command. Start by selecting where you want to save your adventure. Next, pick a name for the protagonist that’s 4 characters or below.

Continue Adventure

If you’re continuing an adventure you’ve saved previously, choose this command.

Copy Your Saved Adventure

Copy your saved adventure to another location.

Delete Your Saved Adventure

When you want to delete a save you don’t have need of anymore, choose this command.

Concerning Window Commands

You can open the window by pressing START. The meaning of the window commands is as follows.


Use an item. Please choose the item you’re going to use.

Throw Away

Throw away an item. Please choose the item you want to throw away.


Displays the protagonist’s strength and related details. For more detail on the information displayed, please see page 12.


Change your equipment. First, choose the item you want to exchange (such as your sword, bow, armour, or shield). Next, choose the item you want to equip.

Concerning Shops

There are 7 types of shops found in the villages. There, you can buy a variety of items. You can also sell things.


Here, you can save your adventure. This does not require any gold. If the protagonist dies, your gold will be halved, and the game will restart from the location of your last save.


Here, you can perform actions such as healing your HP or recovering from poison. However, recovering your status requires gold. You can also buy a variety of medicines.

Arms Dealer

Here, you can buy weapons and armor. Simply buying these things and carrying them on your person won’t benefit you. Please equip them with the Equip command.

Item Shop

These shops sell useful items. Make sure to buy the “Johnson”, an item which makes your feet fly in battle.

Magic Shop

These shops sell magic and other mysterious items. Sede and Saba magic can be cast after using refills.

Gem Shop

A store specializing in gems. You can sell a regular item for 50% of its purchase price. You can sell a gem for 90% of its purchase price.

Mad Scientist Shop

A shop run by a genius scientist. He sells very strange items. Perhaps you should try making a purchase sometime.

Concerning Items

There are 3 types of items. Ones that can be equipped, ones that can only be used in battle, and regular items. Here are the explanations for regular items.


Using this will allow you to charge batteries.


Will light up the underground only when its batteries are charged.

Pegasus Wing

Using this will transport you to towns you’ve been to before, even if you only visited them once.

Sun Orb

Using this will allow you to escape from towers and the underground.


Just carrying this will make your feet fly in battle.

Healing Potion

Capable of replenishing your strength (HP). The more expensive the item, the more HP it will heal.


If you turn your gold into gems, it will allow you to save your wealth when you die.

Drunken Cure

There exist monsters who use drunken attacks. This can be used to prevent against them.

Weak Antidote
Regular Antidote
Strong Antidote

These will heal a body stricken by poison due to monster attacks. The more expensive the antidote, the greater the effect.

Concerning Battle Controls


Moves the protagonist.

A Button

Attacks using the sword.

B Button

Uses battle-exclusive items.

Start Button

Opens the window. By choosing the Escape command, you can flee from enemies. However, you may find yourself saying goodbye to your items.

Select Button

Used to select battle-exclusive items. When you choose an item, a number will be displayed at the bottom left of the screen. This number indicates the amount that remains.

Concerning Battle-Exclusive Items


Attack with a bow. You can only attack as long as you have arrows.

Sede Magic

Attack the enemies standing in front of the protagonist. You can replenish this magic with Sede refills.

Saba Magic

Attack enemies surrounding the protagonist. You can replenish this magic with Saba refills.


Attack enemies near the protagonist. You can refill your supply of bombs.


Use these to see transparent monsters.


Use this to jump.

Concerning Monsters

During your adventure, you will be required to fight a variety of monsters. Monster attack patterns are introduced here.

Drunken Attack

This is an attack that sprays liquid high in alcohol content. If you’re hit by this, you may get drunk. If you do, you’ll lose control of the protagonist for a certain amount of time. Using Drunken Cure will allow you to prevent this.

Transparent Monsters

These monsters will disappear and then attack you. Without the battle-exclusive item Glasses, you won’t be able to see them.

Poison Attack

A poison attack. There are three types of monster poison. You can recover from poison at a hospital, but you can also achieve the same healing effect by using an Antidote.

Concerning the Strength Command

Using the Strength command will allow you to see information such as the protagonist’s power, EXP, and money. The meaning of the abbreviations is outlined below.

HP – Indicates your current health.
MAX HP – Indicates your maximum HP.
STR – Indicates your attack power.
DP – Indicates your defense power.
LEVEL – Indicates your present level.
EXP – Indicates your experience points.

GOLD – Indicates your money.
ARROW – Indicates the current number of arrows you possess.
BATTERY – Indicates how much battery life remains.
BOMB – Indicates the current number of bombs you possess.
MAGIC 1 – Indicates the number of times you can use Sede Magic.
MAGIC 2 – Indicates the number of times you can use Saba Magic.



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