Map Analysis Part 1

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Part 1 of an analysis of all the prerenders found in Final Fantasy VII. Some of the text is too small to be seen without zooming in and some of the pictures are larger than can be displayed on this page, so click here to download them for yourself or here to view them one by one in full.

Random meaningless numbers. Certainly not the first we’ll see strewn around FF7. All the industrial areas seem to be full of them.

A number “5” (五) above the doorway as well as signs reading “CAUTION!!” and “HV-“.

A TV with the Shin-Ra logo and blue text resembling “S.L.B. TV”. This room also has a strange poster on the wall.

luksy says: The cushion on the floor reads “Spirit” (魂).

Wutai’s pagoda. There’s a “1” (壱) on the wall and a character on the floor meaning “way” (道).

Shademp says: The 5Tower field (inside the pagoda) actually uses the same field file for all 5 stories. An animation changes the number displayed, presumably from 1-5, and changes the entrances and exits. An example can be seen here.

The bathroom is freshly stocked with toilet paper! Thank goodness. That’s a sweet-looking leather jacket hanging on the wall, too.

I’ve always rather liked the Ancient Forest.

What a cute illustration!

The “TICKET” booth represents a bit of Engrish. (Should have an ‘s’…)

One of several black backgrounds used in the debug rooms.

The lobby of the Shinra building, sporting a bit Shin-Ra logo in both English and Japanese. Very futuristic-looking elevators and displays! A strange noticeboard with purple lights glows in the centre.

Chev says: Also located here is the truck that Cloud & party later steal.

Mako tanks, and another pic of that little car.

The Shin-Ra (神羅) logo written in red on the wall, and a little sign denoting the 3F.

minimosey & YACCBS say: These busts might represent various executives, war heroes from the war with Wutai, or the various town heads from before the eight towns were consolidated into Midgar.

Shin-Ra is jealously hoarding the last tree in Midgar.

Does it bother anyone else how the walls in the four corners of the room are totally pointless?

Those bookshelves must contain some top-secret information, judging by how sealed off they are.

Nice to see those corner pieces used for something. Can anyone explain to me why they bother having hallways that go around the outside of the rooms? Seems like an unnecessary waste of space. But then again, Shin-Ra isn’t known for its good planning and efficiency…

Shin-Ra needs to work on their box-stacking. They’ll never succeed like this!

SHE has an eye for a nipple too! Thank god! I knew I was normal!

I don’t think 70 floors is enough.

Someone get the hose.

Good luck making it anywhere with all the random battles!

Are we underwater?

Bone Village: The only place archeologists can find giant, wicked-looking skulls and crashed fighter jets. What the hell was that creature, anyway? Timu Sumisu points out that the fin of the fighter jet seems to read “KD” or “KO”.

Bugenhagen plays organ, eh? I approve.

I wonder which one is Spira?

A very curvy refrigerator.

The words on the pipes smack a little of Engrish.

The church is, interestingly, devoid of a cross.

Shademp says: Cid mentions the rocket in the church interior at some point in the Highwind.

“That reminds me of a test rocket that
landed in the Midgar Slums long ago.”
“I remember how relieved I was
when I heard it never blew up.”

No crosses to be found here, either. Instead, a Dragon Quest-like candelabra adorns the roof. Interestingly, the front of the building also reads “CHURCH”.


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