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The following article by Shademp was reprinted with permission.

1. Leaving Seventh Heaven

Shademp says: When Tifa and Cloud are about to reminisce their promise, leaving 7th Heaven will cause an event. In the english version most of it just consists of empty dialogue boxes, except at the very end. The japanese version has text, and has been translated in the video below.

2. Entering Honey Bee Inn Without Permission

Shademp says: Whether you own a Member Card or not, passing by the guard without permission and entering Honey Bee Inn will result in a weird scene. This scene only happens once and can be triggered from any door. If you stand in the upper part of the area, you will see the ghost of Cloud running from the position outside of the dressing room, with Buster sword in hand. The ghost then stops above the centre of the room, lifts his arms to his head, shakes and then disappears. Aside from all this, the script and events from here on are the same as always.

Cloud is standing still at the entrance. The background turns red in tone. The ringing sound effect and then the “Cloud’s ghost” sound effect is played, like those in the “The &$#% Room”. Cloud looks around confused, turns 180 degrees, looks around, then stand stills. One of the Bee-dressed females approach him.

Bee: “Sir……” “Choose the BEST ‘flavor’ from the 4 rooms.” “But you can only choose from an unoccupied room.”

The bee walks back to the centre.

3. Yuffie in Awe

Shademp says: When seeing the impaled giant snake on your way to Mythril Mine your party members can express their feelings about this sight. Yuffie does not have any lines earlier in the story, nor in the Mythril Mine, yet she has a line here! This line can also be accessed if one uses the pause screen glitch to bypass the cutscene before obtaining Yuffie, and returns when she is present in the party to view it.

Yuffie: “Geeeeez, Louise!”

4. Second Shinra Grunt at the Nibelheim Bridge

Shademp says: When Tifa is leading the party to the Nibel Reactor, at one point both Shinra grunts are visible on the screen but only one can be spoken with because the other is in your way.

5. Zangan

Shademp says: By entering the building to the left that is on fire, Zangan will comment on your presence. Even if Zangan hasn’t run into the building yet, this line can be triggered. Usually the camera man (the man in white) is in the way, preventing this from happening.

6. The Cargo Ship’s Dead Commander

Shademp says: Approaching this commander below the deck will usually trigger the event that leads to the Jenova battle. If this event is not triggered you can talk to the commander. The dead sure are talkative.

UPDATE (20/12/2010): It has been discovered that the red commander just reuses the text box of a fallen blue Shinra soldier on the same field.

7. Ride the Shinra Yacht? No.

Shademp says: In the Costa del Sol harbor a sailor can be seen tending a small yacht. The game has made him unreachable, but that’s nothing a few cheats can’t solve! (He seems to be there throughout the whole game.)

Sailor: “Ride the Shinra ship? 1. Yeah, I could go for that 2. Don’t think I could steer it

1. Sailor: “Oh……is that so?” “Yep! Actually, we do have an old junker we’re gonna get rid of, And I was thinking about going into the tourist business.” “But it’s probably tougher than it looks I better think this through a little more……”

2. Sailor: “Yeah. It’s too much for an amateur!”

8. Aeris Likes the Jealous Cloud

Shademp says: This is one of those cases where Affection Points have an effect on the game, just like it affects who Cloud dates on Disc 1 or how it affects the dialogue between Cloud and Tifa at the end of Disc 2. This scenario requires you to have more than 120 Affection Points for Aeris when you enter Gongaga, however this is IMPOSSIBLE to get without using cheats. The underlined part is the addition, I just wanted to show it in relation to the normal answer.

When you visit Zack’s parents and Aeris walks out you can talk to Aeris and get two dialogue options. Choosing “(…jealous…envious…)” with more than 120 AP (255 is the maximum) leads to this:

Aeris: “Are you…jealous? Hmm? Hmmm? Are you, Cloud?”

*Cloud turns away*

Aeris: “I’m kidding. I’m sorry.”

*Aeris nods*

Aeris: “I was hoping maybe you were…”

9. Cid in Nibelheim

Shademp says: When the party first enters Nibelheim they question Cloud’s story about the village having been burnt down. At this point neither Vincent nor Cid can be in your party naturally; the game has assigned dialogue to Cid, but interestingly none to Vincent.

Scenario 1: Without Tifa in party, Cid speaks first.

Cid: “Didn’t you say that your hometown burned down?”

Scenario 2: Without Tifa in party, Cid does not speak first.

Cid: “Yo, Cloud. It’s not nice to lie.”

Scenario 3: With Tifa in party.

Cid: “Hey, that’s different from the one I heard!”

10. MP Absorption vs. MP Absorb

Shademp says: When Yuffie gives you the MP Absorb materia she stole earlier, there’s nothing weird about the script. It simply says * Received ” MP Absorb ” Materia! * If you choose to leave the room before the game says you received the materia it will instead be lying on Yuffie’s bed when you re-enter. Picking it up shows a script difference which is otherwise never seen. I find it interesting that the game had this scenario prepared to get the materia on her bed and not just in the sidequest’s final scene.

* Received ” MP Absorption ” materia! *

UPDATE (20/12/2010): It has been discovered that this part is not actually hidden, just very hard to trigger as it requires your Materia list to be full when Yuffie gives you all the Materia back; something which IS possible if you have some Materia left after Yuffie steals from you and you follow up with mastering these Materia until your list is full of new ones.

11. Aeris Is Sick of This

Shademp says: Reviving Aeris through cheats (the ONLY way to do so) will give her dialogue in the Great Glacier. See article for more information.

12. Tifa in North Corel Huge Materia Mission

Shademp says: Tifa has two dialogue boxes for this mission (which she does not belong to according to the story). The underlined text is the hidden part.

Scenario 1: The party doesn’t catch up to the train.

*Cid walks into North Corel*

Cid: “Sorry… I never shoulda gave that Huge Materia to the Shinra so easily…”

Tifa: “I wonder what Shinra wants to do with all that Huge Materia?”

Scenario 2: The train crashes into North Corel.

*The party observes the devastation*

Cid: “^$#@%$ ! We couldn’t stop the train…”

Tifa: “We have to do something about Shinra! I sick of hearin’ about sad things like this!”

13. Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris in the Fort Condor Huge Materia Mission

Shademp says: Things get MUCH worse/better with the Fort Condor mission… contrary to the story, Cloud and Tifa can appear in the Huge Materia mission in Fort Condor. Aeris has some lines in there as well. They even have character animations. There could be numerous reasons as to why this is. My guess is that in earlier drafts of the game you could get or lose the Huge Materia before the main Huge Materia quest started. The normal text is underlined, while the hidden is not. The game script is copied exactly so any weird spelling or syntax are intentional (this section of the game has some really bad translations, really). Among the character lines of the optional second and third party members I only list those which have otherwise hidden text boxes.

Scenario 1a: Fort Condor win. Tifa is the leader.

*receives Huge Materia from old man*

Tifa “This materia is really out-of-this-world……”

Aeris “What is this?”

(Old man) “The truth is, this is the materia inside the reactor.”

Tifa “If that’s the case, then you should have told us.” “There may have been another way to fight Shinra.”

(Old man) “We weren’t protectin’ the reactor, we were protectin’ the condors.” “When that reactor was built, they forced us to help. That’s how we knew what was inside the reactor.” “I knew this day would come, so after the Shinra left, I sneaked in and took the materia.” “I didn’t mean to fool you, but I guess that’s how it ended up. I’m really sorry.”

Tifa “No, I think what happened is good. ‘Cause we didn’t know if we’d win.”

(Old man) “I see. If you put it that way…… we’re really grateful.”

Scenario 1b: Fort Condor lose. Tifa is the leader.

*The party regains consciousness at the foot of Fort Condor*

Tifa “Where are all the villagers?”


Aeris “Where is everybody?”

Tifa “I couldn’t do anything. It was just too much……”


Aeris “… I couldn’t save anyone……”

Tifa “Cloud…… What should I do?”


Barret “Tifa……”

(Aeris has no line.)

Red XIII “……”

Yuffie “Cloud I wonder what’s going to happen.”

Cait Sith “Y’know, worryin’ only tires you out. Why don’t you take it easy.”

Vincent “You’ve got no choice but to take it for now.”

Cid “Oy, such a bitter pill to swallow.”

Scenario 2a: Fort Condor win. Cloud is the leader.

*receives Huge Materia from old man*

Cloud “This…is…… .”

Aeris “What is this?”

(Old man) “The truth is, this is the materia inside the reactor.”

Cloud “Then you’re telling me we protected a reactor that didn’t have any materia inside?”

(Old man) “We weren’t protectin’ the reactor, we were protectin’ the condors.” “When that reactor was built, they forced us to help. That’s how we knew what was inside the reactor.” “I knew this day would come, so after the Shinra left, I sneaked in and took the materia.” “I didn’t mean to fool you, but I guess that’s how it ended up. I’m really sorry.”

Cloud “Well…… Maybe it was for the best.” “Besides, there was no guarantee we’d defeat Shinra.”

(Old man) “I see. If you put it that way…… we’re really grateful.”

Scenario 2b: Fort Condor lose. Cloud is the leader.

*The party regains consciousness at the foot of Fort Condor*

Cloud “What happened?”


Aeris “Where is everybody?”

Cloud “You mean to tell me we’re the only ones who made it……!?”


Aeris “I… I couldn’t save anyone……”

Cloud “You mean to tell me that’s the extent of my powers?” “So that’s as good as it gets, huh?…… At this rate I’ll never beat the Shinra……let alone Sephiroth……”


Barret “Yeah, ain’t no way you gonna win.” “But if we give up now, what’s gonna happen to Fort Condor?”

Tifa “No, Cloud. You mustn’t give up. Survivors never give up.”

Aeris “Cloud…… You won’t find the answer by blaming yourself.” “Things are the way they are…… But you can’t blame yourself for that…right?”

Red XIII “Don’t be too hard on yourself, Cloud. Let’s think about what we should do now.”

Yuffie “Well, no use crying over spilled milk. Right?”

Cait Sith “Geez, you don’t pull any punches do you? We’ll just try not to fail next time.”

Vincent “We have to fight to avoid any more casualties.”

Cid “We’ll do it next time, ok?”

Cloud “Yeah.” “They’ve had their fun, but it’s over as of now! There isn’t gonna be any more suffering.”

14. What Is a Clone?

Shademp says: It explains the true meaning of being a ‘Sephiroth clone’. Too bad it is never naturally triggered. BrutalAl triggered it by using a code that automatically sends you to any field in the game; this field of the Highwind deck is obviously different from the normal one you visit.

15. How Do We Save the Planet?

Shademp says: When Cid has held his convincing monologue that indeed they can save the planet but he does not know how usually the next scene is triggered by Nanaki without you doing anything. Avoiding this scene allows you to see hidden character lines. This suggests that at an earlier stage in development the next scene was to be voluntarily triggered. Yuffie does not have any lines and Vincent was not given a new one.

Barret: “Damn, it kinda makes me sad…”

Tifa: “Cloud……what should I do… I’ve got to think.”

Red XIII: “Yes. We have to think about what to do.”

Cait Sith: “…that ain’t ta say I don’t reckon what the President’s thinkin’.” “But, I can’t shake th’ feelin’ he’s rushin’ things a bit……”

Cid: “I TOLD you I was thinkin’ about it!”

16. Location Names in the Menu

Shademp says: When you enter the menu on any field you usually see a given name for that location. However, sometimes the game doesn’t allow you to enter the menu; here I list those elusive location names. In some areas of the game the location bar is blank; I do not list these.

* Aeris”How cute!!” * Location: Screen with the two baby birds on the way to/from North Corel.

* Inside the Ferris Wheel * Location: Inside of the Gondola ride at the Gold Saucer.

* Waiting Room * Location: Where the Chocobo jockeys wait for the next race (location of Ramuh).

* Cet Wall * Location: Where the paralyzed remains of Nanaki’s father reside. “Cet” could be a messed up attempt at romanizing “Seto”, which could make this “Seto’s wall”.

* akao! , # Ƌ28Bdw! C * Location: Screen where Tifa and Cloud are shown to be submerged in the lifestream.

Robert Seddon says: , ‘akao! , # Ƌ28Bdw! C’ means somebody misaligned an offset and the game is trying to read text from the sound data where the ASCII string AKAO (the sound programmer’s surname) commonly appears.

* “A promise under a star * Location: On and off when Tifa helps explore Cloud’s consciousness in the lifestream.

17. The Scrapped Sidequest

Shademp says: Many have heard of the Key Items “Letter to Wife” and “Letter to Daughter”. Involved in this was supposed to be a traveling salesman in Gongaga, parts of whose dialogue exists in the game’s files though no such event can be triggered in the game itself. See article for more information.

18. Fort Condor Japanese Script

Shademp says: A strange glitch can occur when you are given the option to initiate or postpone a Fort Condor battle. Sometimes instead of English text, the game shows a short snippet of katakana characters. The nonsense characters read “dami”. I have yet to see this glitch on any other version than the PAL one.

19. Yuffie Gives Up the Absorb Materia… Or Not!

Shademp says: This line isn’t so much impossible as it is VERY difficult to get. If your materia list is full when Yuffie is about to give you the MP Absorb materia, she changes her mind and the materia then moves to her bed so you can take it later on. The only way to get this naturally is to grind any materia that Yuffie didn’t steal from you until your materia list is maxed out. The underlined text is the normal part. Interesting to note is that if you can’t take on new materia in your equipment or inventory then the stolen materia Yuffie gives back to you will simply be discarded and lost forever.

Yuffie “Oh, all right. Here, I’ll give this to you guys.” “…No, forget it. Besides, they have lots of materia anyway.”

Yuffie “Come on, wait—!” “No matter what anyone says, I’m going with you!”

The materia can now be taken from Yuffie’s bed.

Received ” MP Absorption ” materia!

20. Resources

Shademp says: To create this compilation I used codes provided by BrutalAl that allows the player to walk through walls, move while otherwise paralyzed by dialogue boxes, change the affection points, and have any set of party members. Many discoveries would not have been made without these cheats. I also made use of the programs 7mimic and Meteor as well as the following links.


Terence Ferguson’s Date Mechanics Guide


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