Temple of the Ancients

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Unused text from the Temple of the Ancients in which Sephiroth explains the origins of summon materia. This is curious because it seems to describe a process similar to the way he himself has become immortal.


セフィロス Sephiroth:
「かつて古代種がさかえたころ During the time when the Ancients
 豊富な魔晄の光をあびて prospered there existed beings that
 育った種族がいた」 grew up bathed in abundant Mako.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「自然な形の純すいなモンスターたちだ。 They were pure creatures of natural
 いまでもいくつかの種族は残っている」 shape. Several remain even now.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「ある種族は、マテリアのなかに These beings sealed their consciousness
 自らの命を封じこめ、生を永遠に変えた」 within materia, altering their lives for eternity.
「召喚のマテリア……」 The summon materia…
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「然り。 Correct.
 理解のはやい娘だ」 Such a clever girl.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「この神殿を守るものは The creatures that protect this
 古代種の時代から時をこえ temple have lived long, relics
 生きながらえてきたモンスター」 from the age of the Ancients.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「おまえたちよりも They belong to this planet
 この星にふさわしい種族たちだ」 even more than you do.
セフィロス Sephiroth:
「クックックッ…… Heh heh heh…
 思い知るがいい」 Keep that in mind.

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