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We now present to you the early plot of FFX. The commentary of four members of the scenario team is included alongside sections that greatly differ from the final game.

From left to right, we have Yoshinori Kitase (Director), Motomu Toriyama (Event Director), Daisuke Watanabe (Scenario Planner), and Kazushige Nojima (Scenario Planner).


•The Ruined Ancient City of Registan

(This scene informs us that everything beyond it is a flashback.)

A dispirited party of travellers. A young man stands and enters the water. After swimming awhile, he turns onto his back, where he stops and floats.

Narration: “This might be the end, so I have a lot I want to say.”*

(This is the first time Tidus speaks.)

•In the Sea of the Religious Capital of Registan

A youth is swimming. He churns through the water, eyes on the waves.

•The Water, Looking Up at the Seaside City of Registan (Evening)

Lifting our gaze from the water’s surface and looking up, we see the city of Registan, filled with brightly-lit skyscrapers. The Song of Prayer can be heard faintly.

•Outside the Yevon Dome (Evening)

The Song of Prayer drifts on the air. A group of youths sits on the stone steps. They have too much time on their hands. We see a rendezvous between an asian couple. People visiting the dome to pray can be seen coming and going.

(It appears that the temple is part of daily life.)

•Inside the Yevon Dome (Evening)

The Song of Prayer drifts on the air. A group of 3 boys and girls is present.

(Tidus’ Friends: Friend A – Male, Friend B – Female, Friend C – Female)

They appear to be conversing amicably. In the distance we see people praying. One examines his wristwatch (or a large ornamental wall clock). It’s a little before 19:00. His body language tells us “It’s late!”

•Commentary for Yevon Dome

The place where the founder of Registan, Yevon, is worshipped. It is large enough to hold a great number of people. Around its circumference is a platform (bowl-shaped) where people can stand. At the front is an alter that enshrines an “Inverted Yevon” crest. A portrait of Yevon has been etched on the ceiling. Registan’s populace comes here to meet with friends and offer up their prayers. It is a place of social gathering. (Registan doesn’t have many amusements.) The people pray daily to Yevon so that they might live in good health. Though Yevon is deified in Registan, it is not a religion. Yevon demands nothing.

The Song of Prayer drifts from this dome into the city.

•Registan Undersea Facility

The youth is in an underwater facility of Registan.

•Name Entry

We learn that the youth’s name is Tidus. We see a monster looking as though it wishes to attack Tidus, but it is unable to tear through the defensive shield (a wire mesh). Tidus sneers at the monster, and spotting a damaged passage within the facility, continues on.

After completing repairs on the facility, Tidus turns to go when he is attacked by the monster who has broken through the wire mesh.

•Encounter Battle (vs. Underwater Boss)

Tidus defeats the monster with flexible movements.

He leaves the facility through the hole in the wire mesh. We witness the giant creature “Sin” rising from the bottomless ocean depths. Tidus allows Sin to pass with a smile.

Tidus looks at his wristwatch. He gasps upon realizing the time. It’s a little after 19:10.

Toriyama: Registan! It’s been awhile since I heard that name.

Kitase: We changed the name from Registan to Zanarkand.

Watanabe: That’s because Registan’s the name of an actual plaza.

Toriyama: Because Zanarkand is close to Samarkand, right?

Nojima: Anyway, I wanted to use “-stan” or “-kand”. Tidus was a plumber with the attitude of a colour gang** member. Not tired of life, but angry. Kitase said “This would make for a weak main character”, so we changed him into a sports star in the end.

An illustration of Registan done early in development. It closely resembles the Zanarkand of the final game.

Translator’s Notes

*This line is “This might be the end, so I want to say everything,” in the final.
**Colour gangs are gangs of delinquent Japanese youth, so called because they mimic their American counterparts by having a gang colour.


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