Pg. 104 The Great King and the Triforce of Courage

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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Golden Era The Adventure of Link

•The Prosperity of the Kingdom of Hyrule

After the Demon King Ganon was vanquished, generation after generation, the kings of Hyrule maintained the order using the Triforce of Power, Wisdom and Courage that was handed down to the royal family.

In order to use the Triforce correctly, it is necessary a personality with no evil heart and a special inborn aptitude. Thanks to the existence of the kings who handled the power of the Triforce, the kingdom developed and prospered.

•The Magic of the Great King of Hyrule

A great king that used the power of the Triforce was concerned that it could be misused after his death.

Because of that, the king hid the Triforce of Courage and cast the following spell over Hyrule: “A crest shall appear on the hand of a human who has the aptitude, has been raised to follow the right way, has gained experience, and has reached a certain age.”

The king had a prince and a princess as his successors, but he was concerned about the prince’s character and aptitude and told the secret of the Triforce to Princess Zelda, since he detected that she had a better aptitude than the prince.

Era: Game:
The Era of Decline The Adventure of Link

•The Tragedy of Princess Zelda

When the king passed away, no crest appeared on the hand of the prince, and although he became the new king, he could only inherit the incomplete power of the Triforce.

A wizard close to the young king suggested that Princess Zelda might know something. The young king and the wizard interrogated Princess Zelda, but she didn’t say a thing. The wizard got angry and threatened to cast a spell of eternal sleep on her, but Princess Zelda stubbornly refused. The wizard finished chanting the spell and Princess Zelda collapsed in that spot.


•The Power of the Triforce

The Triforce itself does not judge if one is good or evil. Because of that, it is demanded that its user has a righteous heart and the aptitude to handle the power of the gods.

•The Wizard

He was close to the young king. He spent all his energy casting the spell on Princess Zelda and died right after that. Given his persistence in discovering the secret of the Triforce, it is thought that his true identity may have been one of Ganon’s alter egos, just like the dark wizard Agahnim, or that he was under Ganon’s command.

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  1. Rayne says:

    Can you tell me again which Zelda games are found on certain consoles or where they are found otherwise?

    • Snow says:

      Let’s see….
      LoZ – NES, GBA, GC, Wii, 3DS
      AoL – NES, GBA, GC, Wii, 3DS
      ALttP – SNES, GBA, Wii
      LA – GB, GBC, 3DS
      OoT – N64, GC, Wii, 3DS (as OoT3D)
      MM – N64, GC, Wii
      OoS/OoA – GBC
      FS – GBA (as a bonus game in the ALttP port), 3DS
      TWW – GC
      TMC – GBA
      FSA – GC
      TP – GC, Wii
      PH – DS
      ST – DS
      SS – Wii

      All games on the GC can be played on a Wii, all games on GB/GBC can be played on a GBA and all GBA games can be played on the original DS (but not DSi).

      I hope that helps.

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    It does.

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    Can you use the wii remote to play gc games on the wii system or do you have to use a Nintendo gc controller? Thanks

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