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The Era of Decline Adventure of Link

•Link’s Determination

Recorded on the scroll was the whereabouts of the Triforce of Courage. Impa appealed to Link to complete the Triforce and save Princess Zelda I. Link, who had made his decision, started out by setting off to each temple alone.

•The 6 Temples & The Great Temple at Death Valley

Inserting the 6 crystals he had received from Impa into the stone statues located deep within the temples dotting Hyrule, Link dispelled the barrier within Death Valley and opened the path to the Great Temple.

He was victorious against the guardian deity that laid in wait for him in the Great Temple, and continued deeper within. In his final trial, Link was attacked by his own shadow, but he managed to defeat it in a battle of life and death.

•Peace in Hyrule

Link, having obtained the Triforce of Courage, used the Triforce’s power to awaken Princess Zelda I. He prevented Ganon’s revival and restored peace to the land of Hyrule.


The power of the gods was restored to Hyrule Kingdom through the courage of a young boy. Did generations pass, full of peace and the light of prosperity? Or did the curtain raise on an age of darkness where people struggled against each other, seeking power? The future of this timeline has yet to be unravelled.

End of Hyrule’s Decline & The Last Hero


The 6 Temples

These temples, in which the Triforce of Courage is hidden, serve as a barrier to the Great Temple. Guardian Deities are placed within in order to defend them against outside invaders. Only one who meets the requirements can defeat them and dispel the barrier.

The Great Temple

A temple located in Death Valley, deep within the mountains of eastern Hyrule. The final Guardian Deity, the Thunderbird, protects the Triforce of Courage.

Link’s Shadow

A black shadow identical to Link. Once a traveller reaches the depths of the Great Temple, it oozes out of their own shadow and attacks, serving as their final trial. Just as Link does, It fights using a sword and shield, jumping at will.

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