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The following was translated by Beno. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Hero of Time (Child Era): Majora’s Mask

•Unrest Hung in the Air of Clock Town

Link set out into the town called Clock Town. 3 days before the carnival there was disorder because the moon was falling. Day by day the moon grew larger.

Using the Ocarina of Time, Link was able to rewind three days before the moon fell. One by one, he received a mysterious mask for resolving each of the world’s disasters and woke the four legendary sleeping giants.

•The Four Giants and Majora’s Mask

The fateful day. The four giants reach out their arms and grab the moon and halting the descent.

But the mastermind of the plot was Majora’s Mask itself, who had been manipulating Skull Kid. Link pursued Majora’s Mask inside the moon. Finally he fought a strange battle, transforming into the form of a Fierce Deity to exterminate Majora.

Majora’s Mask was returned to the hands of the mask salesman, and the moon’s terror vanished from the world.

On the night of the 3rd day, Clock Town celebrated safely and enjoyed the festival. The people Link had assisted were happy.

After the adventure in Termina, his subsequent whereabouts are unknown.


•Mysterious Masks

They hold the souls of the dead, and when the mask is worn it changes the form of the wearer into that being’s appearance. The masks transformed Link, allowing him to use abilities he couldn’t as a human. Link also became the form of a Deku whose soul was lost in the forest connecting Termina and Hyrule.

•Legend of the Giants

Skull Kid was friends with the guardian deities of each land. When they left on a mission to their lands, Skull Kid thought he had been abandoned and rampaged with Majora’s Mask.

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•Clock Town and the Mayor’s Family

In the heart of Termina, there was a large clock tower built in the centre of town. The annual carnival was crowded with tourists from everywhere. The town was governed by the mayor’s family, who were waiting on the marriage of Anju and Kafei, whose appearance Skull Kid had transformed into that of a child.

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  1. […] Originally Posted by Ryoga Termina to me is another place on Earth. I don't believe it's a whole nother dimension or anything, but Link just traveled to it Really? Well, unfortunately, Termina has been 100% confirmed to be an entirely different dimension. •Termina In this strange different world, there were many people who looked similar to the people of Hyrule. Aside from the excerpt above, many other credible sources have confirmed that Termina is an alternate dimension. (source) […]

  2. Cylon 007 says:

    Whatever happened to Link after he beats Majora’s Mask?

  3. Roncon93 says:

    Too bad they didn’t mention the fact that Link taught Skullkid “Saria’s Song” back in Hyrule. He also gave Skullkid the Skull mask, so that explains something. So they were both connected already.

    The old lady also mentions that in the story of the Four Giants, the imp was friend with Giants since a very, very long time so it’s confusing as to how the Skullkid winds up in Hyrule and then back in Termina.

  4. John says:

    “The people Link had assisted were happy.”

    I came here looking for any evidence that the sidequest events of Majora’s Mask were not erased, i.e., that any people that were helped on previous cycles still had a chance. The credits suggest so, but I don’t know if that can count as definitive, especially when you see mutually exclusive events unfolding.

    I really wish they had expanded on the details more!

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