Pg. 118 Princess Zelda’s Revival & Ganon’s Suppression

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The Twilight Era Twilight Princess

•Princess Zelda’s Revival & Ganon’s Suppression

Wielding the sages’ sword used in his own execution, Ganondorf wages a final battle, but is defeated by Link.

The king of darkness is defeated, and the crest of the Triforce of Power disappears from the back of his hand. For the time being, the destiny that intertwines with the evil Triforce-seeking thief, Ganondorf, has been brought to a close.

However, the invasion of Twilight that invited much hatred has brought Hyrule and the dual-natured existence of its counterpart world into sharp relief, and the lingering traces of these events will be felt in future eras.

• Princess Midna Returns to Her True Form & The World of Twilight

Her curse lifted, Midna turns back into a bewitching princess. Returning to the Twilight World, she breaks the Mirror of Shadow, ensuring that the Twilight World and the World of Light will never again intersect. In her parting words, she asks that the fact that there is another world within the shadows of the World of Light not be forgotten…

Link returns the Master Sword to the forest and heads home to Ordon Village. The world is again blessed by the gods and enveloped in light.


•The Triforce of Power

The power that dwells within Ganondorf. Finally exhausted, his crest disappears.

•Midna’s True Form

Cursed by the power of the shadow, the spell on Midna is lifted through the defeat of Ganondorf.

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•Link, the Hero of Time’s Descendent

The first time Link sets foot in the Twilight, the crest of the Triforce of Courage on the back of his hand shines forth and he takes on a beastly form. When he returns to human form, he is garbed in the clothes said to have been worn by the hero. The ghost of his ancestor, the Hero of Time, teaches Link his secrets. Ever since his return to the Child Era, the Hero of Time had felt regret that he would not be remembered as a hero. Therefore, he addresses Link as his son and passes down the proof of courage, in addition to his secrets.

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  1. MPD says:

    HA! i knew that skull guy that teaches you how to use the sword WAS in fact link from majoras mask

  2. Cylon 007 says:

    That sucks for Link hero of time not to be remembered by anyone. No wonder he came back to train the next Link. But did he become a wolf to?

  3. MajinMike says:

    But isn’t the hero of time’s legend retold in Wind Waker?

    • Snow says:

      It is, but that’s in another timeline. Since the Hero of Time himself lives on in the timeline which doesn’t remember his deeds, he’s unaware of his own legacy.

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