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The following was translated by ShiKage and Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Shadow Era Four Swords Adventures

•The Wind Sorcerer Vaati’s Final Moments

Link saved the maidens in each region and liberated the knights and the royal jewels that had fallen into darkness. After receiving four royal jewels from the knights, Link was able to enter the Palace of Winds with the power of the maidens.

When he saved Princess Zelda on the upper floor and proceeded toward the heavens, Shadow Link had been using the Mirror of Darkness. Link took back the Mirror of Darkness and finally put an end to Vaati in the Palace of the Wind.

•The Confrontation with Ganon and Peace Returned

Link and Princess Zelda aimed to escape to the surface from the collapsing Palace of the Wind. There, Ganon appeared. Link and Princess Zelda cooperated to put an end to Ganon and they succeeded in sealing Ganon into the Four Sword. “I am the Demon King of Darkness!! I shall not perish!” were the remaining words of the sealed Ganon. A light brightened the room and the darkness all dispersed.

Link restored the Four Sword that sealed Ganon to the pedestal in the sanctuary and returned to a single person. Then, he returned to Hyrule Castle received welcomes from many, many people. Princess Zelda, in the situation, stared at the corridor before the room of the Triforce in Hyrule Castle.



Originally a Picori, the evil in his heart turned him into a mighty sorcerer. After being sealed and revived so many times, he is finally killed.


Ganondorf has already transformed into his monster form. Additionally, Ganon remarks that he “did not steal enough power from the Hyruleans”, implying that his powers of darkness aren’t fully completed.


The Sorcerer Vaati was swept up in the endless reincarnation cycle of Ganondorf the thief. The question of whether or not the Light World can escape the threat of darkness remains. There may again come a time when the Four Sword is necessary.

End of The Shadow World and the Hero’s Descendants

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  1. Vaati says:

    I don’t believe Vaati was killed, he was the only boss in Four Swords Adventures to not explode.

  2. Rayne says:

    In the manga he just sorta deflates, then disintegrates.

  3. jaya says:

    The manga isnt considered canon. And usually Vaati is sealed in the four sword but they obvioously seal ganon in it so either he died or they for some reason left him alive to attack the world later. Which that makes no sense so Vaati is most likely dead, unfortunately

  4. pkjoan says:

    Well maybe!

    This is my favorite Timeline, each of the branchs have a following moment.

    Child: After Four Sword Sealed Ganon II Might return.

    Adult: Some new threat might appear in Spirit Tracks new Hyrule.

    Decline: Ganon was finally defeated, Vaati does no exist in this timeline. End of the decline Timeline.

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