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Ganondorf the thief obtains the Triforce of Power and turns into the Demon King, Ganon. The Hero of Time achieves victory and successfully seals Ganon away. The Hero of Time returns to his original era and the world begins to return to a state of purity, but Hyrule’s difficulties continue.

Era: Game:
The Hero of Time Era (Adult Era) Ocarina of Time

The Hero of Time Returns Peace to Hyrule

•The Hero, Returned to His Time

Princess Zelda seals away Ganon with the help of Link, the Hero of Time, and the sages, and returns the hero to his original era. She replaces the Master Sword in its pedestal and firmly closes the Door of Time so that the Sacred Realm will never again be opened.

The way through time is sealed, and, somewhere in the world, the Triforce of Courage continues to sleep.

Era: Game:
Many Years Later

•Hyrule’s Purification

The black clouds that hang over Hyrule part, and light begins to return to the world. However, enough time passes that the service of the Hero of Time fades into legend, and Hyrule is once again attacked by demonic forces.


•The Hero of Time Returns Home

After Link returned to his original era, the Master Sword was restored to its pedestal, and his beloved horse Epona returned to the ranch.

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•The Tale of the Hero of Time is Passed Down as Legend

The legend of the Hero of Time and the kingdom where the power of the gods sleeps is passed down through the ages, even after Hyrule Kingdom is gone. Even details such as the green garb the hero wore and the fact that he left is left behind in scrolls and becomes legend in far-off eras.

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12 Responses

  1. Rayne says:

    This page contradicted itself. At the top, it says Zelda put the Sword back. Then in the middle it says Link put the Sword back.

    • Snow says:

      They’re talking about two different eras. The first one is referring to the Adult Era and the second is referring to the Child Era.

      • Teddy says:

        thats still impossible. that means they would both have a master sword to put back. In the Twilight Princess page, it says that Link was sent back before the Master Sword was drawn, so he couldn’t have had it when he was sent back

  2. Teddy says:

    Pardon me that probably doesn’t make sense. So does that mean both Zelda and Link have a Master Sword to put back? How is that possible? Zelda sent Link back when he held the Master Sword, so how would she have one to put back herself?

    • Snow says:

      Well, I would say that the Master Sword, like the Triforce of Courage and all of Link’s other items, left Link as he travelled back in time. This fits both what’s shown in the game and what’s told in most parts of Hyrule Historia. The only discrepancy is the sidebar, but that probably just an error. Perhaps they made a typo and meant to say that Link returned to the Master Sword rather than just returning it.

  3. shadow twili says:

    sorry i meant how does the adult era happen

    • Snow says:

      The Adult Era is basically a continuation of the world Link saved as an adult in Ocarina of Time. at the end of Ocarina of time, Link goes back in time to before Ganondorf took over Hyrule and prevents him from ever claiming the Triforce. As a result, the world Link just rescued (as a child) splits of and becomes its own timeline (the child timeline, in other words; the one in which Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess and Four Swords Adventures take place). However, the original timeline which Link saved as an adult still exists, even though the Hero of Time has left it for good. This timeline is the Adult Timeline (or Adult Era) which leads up to the events of Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and then Spirit Tracks.

      I hope that helps. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

  4. shadow twili says:

    thank you soooo much for explainig that ;D

  5. trickymythic says:

    Ok, I can get over the Master Sword error, but it says that Link returned Epona.. but he rides Epona at the beginning on MM and he later get’s her back and has her for a good amount of the game. So is it talking AFTER MM?? Or is that sidebar totally screwed up? If it was talking about after MM, then that means that Link returns to Hyrule after MM, which would line up, since the Link from TP is a descendant of OoT/MM Link, and TP Link is in the land of Hyrule, not Termina. It’s pretty clear that Link does find his way back eventually. But it’s also clear that Link does not return Epona between OoT and MM. That sidebar is screwed up. D:

    • Snow says:

      Your comment made me look into the translation again, and I finally managed to figure out this paragraph. Another way to translate the paragraph would be “After Link returned to his original era, the Master Sword was restored to its pedestal, and his beloved horse Epona returned to the ranch”. In other words, the sidebar talks about what happened in the Adult Timeline after Link left, not the Child Timeline. I’ve discussed it with GlitterBerri too and she agrees. Thanks for making me look into this again, it all makes sense now.

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