Pg. 128 An Adventure Brought by the Wind (Continued)

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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Great Sea The Wind Waker

•The Birth of the Hero of Winds

Link picked up eight shards from the bottom of the sea and completed the Triforce of Courage. A crest appeared on Link’s left hand and he was acknowledged as a true hero.

However, when Link and the King of Red Lions returned to Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda was kidnapped by Ganondorf right in front of them.

•The Showdown of Fate for a Wish to the Triforce

Princess Zelda, who had the crest of wisdom, was taken to Ganon’s Tower, located in Hyrule on the bottom of the sea. When Link’s courage crest gathered with the other two, the true form of the Triforce appeared.

Hoping for Hyrule’s restoration and control, Ganondorf extended his hand towards the Triforce to put an end to his long fatality.


•The Hero of Winds

Since Link manoeuvred the wind with the sail of his boat and the Wind Waker, once the Goddesses acknowledged him, the King of Red Lions called him “Hero of Winds.”

•The Triforce

It’s a sacred triangle that grants the wish of whoever touches it. It’s the power of the gods Ganondorf once failed to obtain. He was only left with the Triforce of Power, so he needed to reunite the crests of wisdom and courage.

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•The New Appearance of the Kokiri and the Zora

In the Era of the Mighty Ocean, the appearance of some races suffered a big change in comparison to the Era of Chaos. The Kokiri turned into the Korok, a race that looks like plants and helps the spirit of the Great Deku Tree to plant trees around the world. The Zora became the so-called Rito, a race that has beaks like birds and grows wings with the scale the spirit Valoo gives them.

Incidentally, the appearance of the Goron race did not change, but they no longer live in a village and wander around the world.

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