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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Great Voyage Phantom Hourglass

•The Decisive Battle Against the Evil Phantom Bellum

Link obtained the Phantom Sword, the only weapon capable of defeating Bellum, and headed to the deepest level of the Temple of the Ocean King. He beat Bellum and Tetra came back to normal.

Although Bellum attacked once again, Link was able to get out of a real pinch thanks to the courageous actions of Captain Linebeck. In the decisive showdown, Link and his friends came out victorious.

•Escaping from the World of the Ocean King

Oshus returned to his original form, and the World of the Ocean King regained its peace. Link and Tetra said goodbye to Oshus and the spirits and went back to their world. Although their adventure in the World of the Ocean King lasted several days, only 10 minutes had passed since they left.

The commotion caused by the Ghost Ship was settled, and Tetra’s pirates set sail to search for a new land once again.


•The Phantom Sword

A sacred blade forged with the three pure metals that were guarded in different regions and with the power of the Phantom Hourglass that Oshus added to it.

•The Existence of Captain Linebeck

Since the people Link met in the World of the Ocean King exist in a different world, he can’t meet them in his world. However, when Link returned to his world, he saw the S.S. Linebeck sailing nearby.

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•The Inhabitants of the World of the Ocean King

Apart from humans, there are Gorons, who have the same appearance as those living in Hyrule; Anouki, who reside in the Isle of Frost; and other races living in the World of the Ocean King.

There’s also an island with some ruins of the ancient Kingdom of Cobble, where the ghosts of the king and his knights rest.

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11 Responses

  1. Rayne says:

    In Spirit Tracks, Link doesn’t have a cousin. Does that mean Aryll died(unfortunate fall from Aryll’s Lookout?)or stayed on the island with Grandma? Or did she just not have children?

    • Snow says:

      We can’t say for sure what happened to Aryll, but assuming she did have children, they’d be more distant relatives than just cousins considering that more than one generation has passed between PH and WW.

      Moreover, ST Link is most likely not related to WW Link since if he were, Niko would have acknowledged that in the beginning of the game. Also, if ST Link had been related to WW Link (who probably started New Hyrule’s royal bloodline along with Tetra) he would have been royalty, not just some random boy from a small village. In other words, ST Link is probably not a descendant of WW Link.

  2. Rayne says:

    I beg to differ…

  3. Rayne says:

    That Link and Tetra got together. Because if you haven’t noticed, Link and Zelda never become a couple.

    • Snow says:

      Not explicitly in the games, but games such as Skyward Sword and Adventure of Link heavily imply that they do at least sometimes. There’s a reason why all the castle guards are wearing Link’s uniform after all.

      In either case, the point still stands. If ST Link was a descendant of WW Link, Niko would have known who he was.

  4. Rayne says:

    Perhaps Niko found him washed up on the shore of Aboda Village as a young child or baby. That would explain why Niko doesn’t know who he is. But when Link gets the shield used by WW/PH Link(the one with a lobster shape on it), he remarks that Link looks like an old friend of his from when he was young.

    • Snow says:

      Exactly, so he does remember WW Link, which means that ST Link can’t be a descendant of him since Niko would be aware of his relatives. Link being an orphan doesn’t make sense either since Niko is Link’s roommate (as opposed to adoptive father or custodian or anything like that) and the way he talks implies that they haven’t known each other all that long.

      And besides, if Link were an orphan, how can you expect him to know whether or not he has any cousins or other relatives anyway?

  5. Rayne says:

    Think about it. Link is an orphan in every game, and just because Niko remarks Link looks like WW/PH Link doesn’t mean he knows who Link is. Besides, all the other villagers act like they’ve known Link all his life. Personally, I don’t think they’ve only known each other for a short time. And why would a custodian live with a random kid?! (And they are roommates. All houses in Zelda have only one room!) And hey, maybe he hit his head and lost his memory so that he doesn’t remember anything. For all we know there could be a hundred Links and Arylls running around someplace.

    • Snow says:

      Actually, Link is only known to be an orphan in Ocarina of Time (and Majora’s Mask, technically). In other games he either lives with some of his immediate family or they’re irrelevant to the plot and therefore not mentioned. Since Niko is telling Link his masterpiece story and mentions that he looks like an old friend of his for the very first time at the start of ST, it’s implied that they haven’t known each other particularly long. That, combined with the fact that he’s an apprentice of Alfonzo, leads to the conclusion that Link moved to the village to study becoming an engineer,which is also why he lives with an old man to whom he’s not related at all and who isn’t his custodian.

      Also, even if we did assume that Link had lost his memory for no reason (which there’s no indication of), he’d still be recognized by others as the legendary hero’s descendant if he had been related to WW Link. After all, WW Link founded New Hyrule and was heavily influential in how its society was shaped, as seen by the green uniforms the knights wear. Since ST Link is just a random boy that no one knows, it can safely be concluded that he doesn’t have any famous ancestry either. This is in line with the fact that most Links don’t seem to be related to one another.

  6. Rayne says:

    If you say so, but I stand by my theory.

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