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The following was translated by ShiKage and Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of Hyrule’s Rebirth Spirit Tracks

•Restoration of the Barrier

Link dispatched on the Spirit Train to advance through the land. Princess Zelda entrusted Link with the Spirit Flute to borrow the power of the sages in each land and restore the barriers to the temples.

When they reached the top of the tower, Malladus was revived. In order to reclaim Princess Zelda’s body, Link had to plunge into the Dark Realm.

•Subduing Malladus

At the end of the battle, Princess Zelda’s body was returned. With Princess Zelda’s mysterious power and Link’s courage, they defeated Cole and Malladus together.

The threat of the Demon King over the land went away and now, since Anjean and the other Lokomo no longer had to watch over the Humans, they returned to the heavens. The land was entrusted to Princess Zelda and the protecting hand of Link from then on and the kingdom of Hyrule made major progress.


•The Spirit Flute

A mysterious flute handed down to the princess of the kingdom through generations. Anjean originally gave it to Tetra under the condition that she’d use it to “build peace in this country”.

•The Dark Realm

This pitch black world is the home of the demon. In the end, Cole and Malladus used the Demon Train to head into this realm, where the final battle is waged.


The Demon King sealed away in the Spirit Tower by the spirits of good. After failing to harness the power of Zelda’s body, he possesses Cole but is defeated by Link.


When old kingdom was destroyed, Hyrule walked a new path in the world carried by the wind. With only a few remnants of the Lineage of the Goddess left, what will happen to the new generation? From now on, a new history will be spun.

End of The Hero of Wind & A New World

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