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The following was translated by ShiKage and Snow.

Era: Game:
The Force Era The Minish Cap

•The Legend of the Hero Who Received the Blade from the Heavens

During the development of the Hyrule Kingdom, the first big events occurred. Monsters appeared and the world seemed to be lost in darkness. However, it was then that the small Picori came down from the heavens. They came bringing a golden light and a sword and the Hero of Men who used the sword sealed all of the monsters into a chest and returned the world to peace.

That golden light was called the Light Force.

•The Hyrule Royal Family and the Picori

From then on, the Royal Family would safeguard the blade that sealed the monsters and they enshrined the “Picori Blade” with great care. Then, the whereabouts of the Picori was guarded as a secret within the Royal Family of Hyrule.

To thank the Picori, the people of Hyrule held a Picori Festival once every year.

•The Swordfighting Tournament and the Picori Blade

It was told in the legends of the Picori that a secret door would open only once every one hundred years and the Picori would come to the world of the Humans.

The tradition of the Picori Festival carried on for many years and at the Swordfighting tournament held within it, there would be an awarding ceremony in front of the Picori Blade. Only one person would get the chance to lay their eyes on the Picori Blade.


•The Light Force

This object of limitless power was handed down from the heavens. The Light Force contains a huge amount of the force that dwells in all living beings.

•The Swordfighting Tournament

A tournament is held at Hyrule Castle every year during the Picori Festival. It’s customary that the winner will be allowed to touch the legendary Picori Blade.

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  1. Rayne says:

    I think I read on Zeldapedia that King Gustaf was the Picori Hero. Either that or Link and his grandfather are the Picori Hero’s descendants…?

    • Snow says:

      Are you referring to the Hero of Men? Some people speculate that Gustaf might be the Hero of Men, but that has never actually been confirmed.

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