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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Force Era The Minish Cap

•The Picori World and the Elements

Feeling guilty for the trouble Vaati has caused, Ezlo takes Link to magical portal, which upon entry makes Link shrink to the size of a Picori. Thus, Link was able to enter Minish Village.

The Picori Blade could be repaired, but to break Vaati’s curse it had to be infused with power to become a holy sword. Link set out to search for the four elements hidden all over the world to infuse them with the sword in the Elemental Sanctuary.

•Vaati’s Ploy

Vaati, being unable to locate the Light Force on his own, took control over the King of Hyrule and force every soldier in the kingdom to look for it.

He learned from the legends of the Wind Tribe that “when the Four Elements are gathered, the path to the Light Force will open”.

Since he knew that Link was already gathering said elements, Vaati decided to bide his time and let Link do all the work for him.


•The Four Elements

The crystallized power of the spirits that fill our world; their elements are earth, fire, water and wind. They appear to be connected to the ancient tools that were once used by the Hero of Men.

•The Wind Tribe

Originally living on the ground, this tribe mastered the wind and came to live in the Wind Palace in the sky. Now living above the clouds, they have mastered their ability to control the winds.

The area they lived in before they moved to the sky are now known as the Wind Ruins. They travel on the winds back and forth between the sky and the surface.

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•The Minish World

The Picori is a tribe of tiny creatures the size of a thumb. When Link shrinks down to the size of a Picori, he gains access to hidden places he normally wouldn’t have been able to explore. However, in this size even the weakest of enemies become giant monsters, puddles become great lakes and tiny obstacles turn into impassable hazards.

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