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The following was translated by Snow. It hasn’t yet been double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Force Era Four Swords/Four Swords Adventures

•The Unsealing of Sorcerer Vaati

Peace returned briefly to Hyrule as Vaati was presumed killed, until he one day reappeared to terrorize the land once more. Vaati kidnapped many beautiful maidens and brought them to the Wind Palace in the sky that he had taken.

At this moment, a hero wielding the legendary sword appeared. Using the sword, he split his body in four to defeat Vaati and seal him away inside the Four Sword in the Four Sword Sanctuary.

Era: Game:
The Force Era Four Swords

•The Return of Wind Sorcerer Vaati

For generations the seal of the Four Sword was managed by the lineage of Princess Zelda, but one day the seal begins to weaken. Zelda goes to check up on the seal, but is kidnapped by Vaati and taken away to the Palace of Winds.

•The Duplicating Power of the Four Sword

A young boy named Link witnesses the revival of Vaati. Link is told to take the Four Sword by a fairy, and as he does so he splits into four, as told in the legend. The Great Fairies can help him get to the Palace of Winds, but the four Links must first kill monsters and collect Rupees to prove that they’re courageous enough for it.


•Wind Sorcerer Vaati

No longer remembering his days as a Picori, he goes on a rampage. Manipulating the wind, he names himself The Great Wind Sorcerer Vaati and lives in the Wind Palace.

•Hero of the Four Sword

Not much is known about this person. He appears to be a descendant of the Link who defeated Vaati.

•The Kidnapping of Princess Zelda

This time, Wind Sorcerer Vaati kidnaps Zelda because he wants a bride to commemorate his return, not because of the Light Force.

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    Instead of Elemental Sanctuary maybe it should say Four Sword Sanctuary?

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      The Japanese simply calls it “sanctuary” or “sacred precincts”, but yeah, Four Sword Sanctuary might be more appropriate in this context. Fixed.

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