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The Era of the Hero of Time Ocarina of Time

•Hyrule, Engulfed in the Fires of War & The Kingdom United

The war in Hyrule Kingdom continued unabated for countless eras.

In the midst of the confusion, a lone woman fled the fires of war, babe in arms, and escaped to the forbidden forest. She entrusted her child to the spirit of Kokiri Forest, the Deku Tree. The Deku Tree, sensing that the infant’s destiny was intertwined with Hyrule’s future, took the child in.

After the child’s mother had breathed her last, the babe was raised as a Kokiri. This boy would later become Link the Hero.

The King of Hyrule quelled the fighting, and the entire land was unified under Hyrule Kingdom.

•A Brief Tranquillity

The scars of war faded from Hyrule Kingdom, and it seemed as though peace had come to the world at last.

Ganondorf, leader of the Gerudo, the people of the desert, once again swore fealty to the King of Hyrule. However, Ganondorf’s true aim was the Triforce, said to lie somewhere within the kingdom of Hyrule. Seeking the 3 Spiritual Stones necessary to open the gateway to the Sacred Realm, he carried out his maneuvers in secret in every corner of the land.


•The Forbidden Forest

This is the name given to Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods by the humans living outside its leafy borders. Humans lost in the trees will become Stalfos if they are adults, and Skullkids if they are children, doomed to wander the forest.

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•The Map of This Era

Hyrule Castle is located within Hyrule Field, which stretches out from the centre. In the northeast, Death Mountain continues to erupt. The east holds the forest, the south holds Lake Hylia, and the west is home to the Gerudo Desert. This map doesn’t greatly differ from that of the Sky Era.

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