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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Hero of Time (Child Era) Ocarina of Time

•The Premonitory Dream of the Princess Chosen by the Gods

Although young, Princess Zelda, the princess of Hyrule, possessed the power of someone chosen by the Gods. One night, she had a premonition of Hyrule’s future in her sleep.

Ganondorf was after the Sacred Realm’s Triforce, which could lead to the world’s destruction. Princess Zelda believed in that prophecy, but her father, the king of Hyrule, did not. Princess Zelda and her nurse Impa took it upon themselves to keep an eye on Ganondorf when he visited the castle.

•The Boy Followed by a Fairy

A young boy followed by a fairy came all the way from the Kokiri Forest to meet
Princess Zelda. Link had obtained one of the three spiritual stones that were the key to the Sacred Realm.

Believing in her premonitory dream, Princess Zelda thought of beating Ganondorf to the Sacred Realm and defeating him with the power of the Triforce. She requested Link to go find the remaining 2 spiritual stones.


•The Premonitory Dream

A man from the desert covered Hyrule in dark clouds, but then a saviour appeared in the form of a young boy followed by a fairy.


Zelda’s nurse. She’s a survivor from the Sheikah race, who have served the royal family since ancient times.

•The Fairy

The Great Deku Tree sent Navi the fairy to guide Link. As Link’s partner, she aids him in his adventure.

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•Link’s Departure and the Kokiri Race

Each Kokiri has a fairy partner, and they always maintain their childish appearance. It’s said that they’ll die if they leave the forest.

Since Link was a Hylian, he didn’t have a fairy, but the fated day that he set off on his adventure, the Great Deku Tree sent the fairy Navi his way. The green clothes Link wears are characteristic of the Kokiri.

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