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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be looked over by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Hero of Time (Adult Era) Ocarina of Time

•The Revival of the Six Sages

Rauru, who’s been protecting the Sacred Realm since ancient times,
is the Sage of Light. Saria, a Kokiri, is the Sage of Forest. Darunia,
leader of the Goron race, is the Sage of Fire. Princess Ruto, from the
Zora race, is the Sage of Water. Impa, Zelda’s nurse, is the Sage of
Shadow. Nabooru, a benevolent Gerudo thief, is the Sage of Spirit.

At long last the six sages have revived.

•Meeting Zelda Again

The leader of the sages was Princess Zelda, who bore the Triforce
of Wisdom in her hand. Zelda had been waiting for this moment to
reveal to Link that she was Sheik.

Princess Zelda planned to draw Ganondorf into a sealing hole the
sages would open and lock him away from the exterior world. In order
to do that, she needed the power of the hero Link.


•Saria, the Sage of Forest

The only Kokiri who understood Link. She knew Link was not a
Kokiri. She’d play her ocarina in the depths of the forest, in a spot
that turned out to be the entrance to the Forest Temple.

•Darunia, the Sage of Fire

He’s the leader of the Goron race. He has a warm personality. Since
he was impressed by Link’s courage, he named his son “Link.”

•Ruto, Sage of Water

The princess of the Zora. She was saved by Link in the child era
and by Sheik in the adult era before waking up as a sage.

•Nabooru, Sage of Spirit

A benevolent Gerudo thief. As a consequence of rebelling against
Ganondorf, she was brainwashed by Twinrova, Ganondorf’s nurses.

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•The Goron: the People of Fire, and the Zora: the People of Water

The Goron race, guardians of the spiritual stone of fire, live in
Death Mountain and eat rocks. Their leader in this era is Darunia.

The Zora race, guardians of the spiritual stone of water, live in
Zora’s Domain, on the upper Zora River. Their leader is the king
called King Zora. The king of this era is King Zora Do Bon XVI. Ruto
is their princess.

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