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The following was translated by SnowBrigadier. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

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Many years later A Link to the Past

•The Imprisoning War

Hyrule Kingdom had finally gained a short-lived peace.

However, knowledge of the Sacred Realm and the Triforce spread across Hyrule, and many greedy people searched for it in order to claim its power.

But the Sacred Realm had become the Dark World under Ganondorf’s control, and those who ventured there never returned. Instead, only evil came out of the entrance.

•The Sages Seal the Sacred Realm

The King of Hyrule ordered the seven sages to seal the entrance to the Sacred Realm. As the sages prepared their spell, the Knight Family protected them from the demons that came gushing out of the entrance.

In the intense battle, most of the knights perished; however, the sages completed the spell and the entrance to the sacred realm was once again closed.


•The Knight Family

Bearing the crest of courage, this heroic lineage protects the royal family. Legends say that the hero will emerge from the Knight Family. Link, the Hero of Time from long ago whose mother died in the war of that era, may be related to these knights.

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•The Decline of the Hylian Lineage

In the Hero of Time Era, the most people in Hyrule were related to Goddess Hylia. Hylians had magic powers and long ears who supposedly could hear the voices of the Gods.

However, after the Imprisoning War, the blood of the Hylians was greatly diminished compared to how it was in the past. Like the sages, even Hyrule Kingdom became a mere legend of old.

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7 Responses

  1. Madoka says:

    They say th Hylian Bloodline thinned but that makes no sence in the other games the hylians are the dominate race, in twlight princess all i see is hylians

    • Snow says:

      Twilight Princess is on a different branch of the timeline. The thinning of the Hylian bloodline happens on the downfall timeline.

      With that say, Hylians are actually quite scarce in FSA.

  2. keeb says:

    One question: How were people able to gain entrance into the dark world? Does this mean that the sages only sealed Ganon, but not the dark world itself? If so, why would they just leave it open for anyone?

    • Snow says:

      It appears that they did indeed just seal Ganon as opposed to the entire realm; their original seal was essentially just a last ditch effort to stop Ganon afer Link had failed. And as for why they didn’t seal the realm itself after that: we can’t say for sure, but maybe they just didn’t think of it, or perhaps they weren’t able to because they had exhausted their powers (or didn’t know of its location).

  3. Kevin says:

    I still think that the “The Imprisoning War” sounds similar to what occurred in OoT. There were sages(not all human), and a seal on the Sacred Realm being made. I’m not sure why they needed to make an unnecessary “The Imprisoning War” take place after OoT. I figure this is due to how the intro to LttP was done, and since all those sages were human, people would begin to question it. In all reality, Nintendo should have changed OoT enough to just make the “The Imprisoning War”. All that’s missing is a massive amount of people attempting to enter the realm and not returning, that and the sages need to all be human. It would get rid of this confusion…

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