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Light & Dark Era Oracle of Seasons

•The Vanquishing of Onox, the General of Darkness and the Rescue of Din

Link defeated Onox who turned into a dark dragon and saved Din and restored the power of the four seasons to Holodrum.

Era: Game:
Light & Dark Era Oracle of Ages

•The Travel to Link’s Second Trial

Next, Link was sent to the unfamiliar land of Labrynna. He saved Impa, who was surrounded by monsters, but she couldn’t move a rock that had the crest of the royal family of Hyrule on it. After Link moved the rock with no difficulty, they proceeded forth and there was a group of animals surrounding Nayru, who was singing.



To light the Flame of Destruction, this armoured man kidnapped the Oracle Din. His true form is a huge dragon.


Princess Zelda’s nursemaid. She has secretly been assigned the task of returning Din, the Oracle of Seasons, to Hyrule. She’s a courageous and portly middle-aged woman.

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•The Tribes that Link Meets

Holodrum and Labrynna is inhabited by the similar species as Hyrule, including the mountain-dwelling Goron Tribe.

The rivers are infested with the monstrous River Zoras whereas the sea is inhabited by the much more peaceful Sea Zoras. In the past, their king was afflicted by a disease which eliminated their royal bloodline.

There also exists a race called the Subrosians who live in another world called “Subrosia”.

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