The Making of the Colossi

| 2011年10月17日

These 15 members of the development team can’t miss an opportunity to talk about Shadow of the Colossus. Starting off with the voices of Mr. Fumito Ueda and Mr. Kenji Kaido, the men in charge of the game’s direction, we present to you an updated version of the interview published in the December 2nd, 2005 […]

The Spirit of Sunsoft

| 2011年10月16日

The following interview was transcribed from “Game Maker: Sunsoft”, a DVD released by the producers of Game Center CX, by Chris Covell. The original text can be seen on his website. This translation is a commission for Sharc. Atsushi Sakai Joined Sun Electronics in 1985. Embraced an interest in game design since a young age. […]