Pokémon 2

| 2011年11月27日

The following interview concerning the then-unnamed Pokémon Gold & Silver was taken from Game Staff List Association Japan, a Japanese site that aims to, among other things, summarize, transcribe, and categorize interviews with video game developers. It took place in 1997, with participants Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoshi Tajiri (the creator of Pokémon), and Tsunekazu Ishihara (the […]

The Colossi’s Nicknames

| 2011年11月26日

Contrary to the rumors that originated with this post on the Playstation forums, the nicknames below appear to be the only alternate names for the Colossi. The names Malus, Cenobia, etc. that were so enthusiastically adopted by the fans seem to be fan-made themselves. View the thread debunking the original forum post here for more […]

Story Synopsis

| 2011年11月23日

The official Shadow of the Colossus guidebook includes an explanation of the game’s ending, concept art, an interview with the developers, and unused Colossi. The synopsis below sheds light on the untold aspects of SotC’s story, but be sure to check out the other features as well! Click the images to enlarge. A heavy price […]

Staff Secrets

| 2011年11月22日

Here we’ve gathered the untold stories from Pokémon’s creators. Show off your newfound knowledge to your friends! 1. Mew was born because of a programmer messing around! It was Morimoto, a programmer, who brought Mew into the world. It seems that the final game had just a little room to spare, so he secretly slipped […]

The Future of Pokémon

| 2011年11月21日

Did you predict that Pokémon would be such a big hit? Watanabe: I didn’t think it would be such an explosive hit when we were first making it. I felt the games would be a success if we were able to do what we liked. Sugimori: Of course, I knew that in order for the […]

The Secret Garden

| 2011年11月20日

The mystery of the secret garden you can climb to at the top of the Shrine of Worship is touched on by the official guidebook to the game. The Beautiful Scenery Stretches Out Before You Once you arrive at the top of the shrine, follow the path to the left to arrive at a garden […]

Fine-Tuning the Pokémon

| 2011年11月8日

Did you have everything planned out from the very beginning, right down to the little details? Or did you gradually add things along the way? Masuda: Game Freak’s modus operandi is that we add ideas and break things down. For example, at one point we took out the health gauge during battles and tried using […]

Creating the Pokémon

| 2011年11月7日

There are many different types of Pokémon, like water and grass. Did you have that in mind from the beginning? Sugimori: The idea came to us during development. Battles would get monotonous if there were only strong and weak Pokémon, so by affixing types to the Pokémon we were able to give the fighting more […]

Creating the Game

| 2011年11月6日

What was your first impression when you heard about the idea of Pokémon from planner Satoshi Tajiri? Sugimori: Pokémon is an idea that was inspired by the Game Boy’s hardware. Tajiri said “Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could use the Game Boy link cables, up till now only used by players to compete against […]

How Ura Zelda Became Majora’s Mask

| 2011年11月5日

On December 1st, 1999, Nintendo released a disk drive add-on for the Nintendo 64 known as the 64DD. Unfortunately, unlike its successful Super Nintendo predecessor, the BS Satellaview, the system didn’t sell very well. Consequently, it never saw an overseas release, and even today there are still Nintendo fans who are unaware of its existence. […]