The Dawn of Video Games

| 2012年2月14日

The following article is a Sept. 26th, 2008 reprint of “How the Famicom Was Born – Part 1″ which appeared in the Jan. 31st, 1994 edition of Nikkei Electronics. It was commissioned by Nathan Altice. The names and titles of the businesses and people mentioned in the series are unchanged from how they appeared at […]

Never-Before-Seen Character Sketches

| 2012年2月11日

The following images reveal that the Old Man at the End of Time, also known as Gaspar, was once intended to be a party character in Chrono Trigger. They were taken from a Japanese players guide, as reported by ZeaLitY of the fansite Chrono Compendium. Click the images to enlarge. Turn back the clock… and […]