Part 5: Rescuing Aeris, Story Time at the Inn

| 2012年3月30日

The Midgar Train, Sector 7 Slums and the Honey Bee Inn, all areas that Motomu Toriyama was responsible for, provided us with condensed amounts of unused material. As we take a pause from his work, the game heavily decreases in unused content per area. Though no field in later parts of the game rival the […]

Making Mr. Gimmick!

| 2012年3月30日

This August, 2011 interview with Sunsoft programmer Tomomi Sakai was conducted by Shun Arita of Cyzo. Sakai birthed the little-known masterpiece Mr. Gimmick (also known as Gimmick!), a NES game that only saw release in Japan and Scandinavia. It was commissioned by sharc. “Play games for an hour a day!” In the words of Master […]

Unused Text in the Ending

| 2012年3月29日

Emon Heads For the Forbidden Lands もう少しだ… Only a little more to go. Emon Arrives at the Temple 問題ありません All is normal. This line appears nowhere in the final game. While the tone of the Japanese line indicates that it is spoken by one of the soldiers, none of Emon’s men have any lines other […]

Making the Famicom a Reality

| 2012年3月28日

The following article by Masaharu Takano is a Oct. 2nd, 2008 reprint of “How the Famicom Was Born – Part 6″ which appeared in the Sept. 12th, 1994 edition of Nikkei Electronics. It was commissioned by Nathan Altice. The names and titles of the businesses and people mentioned in the series are unchanged from how […]

Gold & Silver: Powered Up

| 2012年3月26日

Let’s move on to Gold and Silver. What sort of features did you devise for those two games? Watanabe: The first order of business was to expand the number of places you could go and increase the number of Pokémon. We also tried to realize the things we couldn’t do in Red and Green due […]