Save Shrines & Location Names

| 2014年1月18日

Hidden Location Names Many of the resources of Shadow of the Colossus are categorized according to the area in which they are used. Peering into a list of the game’s files reveals hidden developer names for each area. These are often references to real-world locations that the in-game locations resemble, or are possibly based on. […]


| 2014年1月14日

In addition to the basic items Wander uses in his adventure, players can gain an additional 16 items by defeating the Colossi in Normal Time Attack and Hard Time Attack modes. Each time a Colossus is defeated in these modes, an item appears in the pool at the back of the Shrine of Worship, as […]

Part 1: Mysterious Maps

| 2014年1月12日

(A very special thanks to Gamma, member of The Wind Waker level viewer and editor project known as Wind Viewer. Without his encyclopedic knowledge of The Wind Waker and the numerous discoveries he has made within the game’s files, this article series would never have been possible!) We know that Nintendo is no stranger to […]