Jewelry Master Twinkle – Special Interview

| 2015年7月27日

The following interview was retrieved from Arika’s homepage. It was translated as a commission. For those unfamiliar, Jewelry Master Twinkle is a puzzle game. Jewelry Master Twinkle Series – Special Interview Today, we present a special interview in commemoration of the release of an indie game for the Xbox 360 known as Jewelry Master Twinkle […]

V-Jump Video Screenshots

| 2015年7月25日

The following screenshots are taken from the V-Jump Preview Video 2 section of the Chrono Compendium page. Apologies for the slightly more amateurish translation in this post. I did this a long time ago, but I believe it was lost when my site when down. (Or perhaps never published in the first place?) I’ve filled […]

Unused Dialogue & Script Retranslation

| 2015年7月20日

Art by cellar-fcp In celebration of The Last Guardian’s official re-unveiling, let’s treat ourselves to a closer examination of the game designer Fumito Ueda’s acclaimed first release! One of the primary hallmarks of Ueda’s creations thus far is the simplicity in their storytelling. In both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, Ueda showcased his ability […]