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Light & Dark Era Oracle of Ages

•The Vanquishing of the Sorceress of Shadows, Veran, and the Rescue of Nayru

After helping the Maku Tree and heading to the tower, Link succeeded in driving Veran out of the body of Queen Ambi. Link defeated Veran in her true form and rescued Nayru and returned the flow of time of Labrynna to normal.

Era: Game:
Light & Dark Era Oracle of Seasons/Ages

•The Completion of the Revival Ceremony

Twinrova, who was pulling the strings behind the two events lit the Flame of Destruction and Flame of Sorrow. Also, they kidnapped Princess Zelda for the sake of lighting the Flame of Despair. Finally, they were going to use Princess Zelda as the holy sacrifice to revive the Demon King Ganon.

•The Revival Ceremony and the Revival of the Demon King

Having borrowed the power of Din, the Oracle of Seasons, and Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, Link marched into the altar of the ceremony. Even though Link cornered and defeated Twinrova, they sacrificed themselves to revive Ganon. However, since the ceremony was incomplete, a Ganon without intellect appeared. Link defeated the rampaging Ganon and saved Princess Zelda and returned peace to Holodrum and Labrynna.

Link departed from the people he met during his trials and left by boat to his next land for training.


•Queen Ambi

The queen of Labrynna in the ancient past. Nayru’s childhood friend Ralph is a descendant of her.

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