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Era: Game:
The Era of Light and Dark Link’s Awakening

•Link is Hit by a Great Storm

Link, having completed his training, is about to return to Hyrule Kingdom by boat.

In the midst of his voyage, he is swallowed up by a storm and his ship is sunk. Upon regaining consciousness, he finds he has washed ashore on an island known as Koholint.

•The Mysterious Island

Link, aided by a girl named Marin who lives on the island, awakens in the house she shares with Tarin.

Link attempts to leave the island, only to be met with the inhabitants’ insistence that there is nothing beyond the sea.


•Marin & Tarin

Inhabitants of Mabe Village on Koholint Island. Similar personages also exist in places such as the Hero of Time’s Hyrule and Holodrum. Marin and Tarin may have been created from the memories of Lon Lon Ranch’s Malon and her father, Talon.

Bottom Box

•Koholint Island

Surrounded by ocean, this island brims over with natural abundance. The giant egg that sits atop a tall mountain is the island’s greatest characteristic.

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