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Era: Game:
The Era of Light and Dark Link’s Awakening

•Seeking to Escape the Island

The mysterious owl that appears before Link informs him that the only way to escape the island is to awaken the Wind Fish. To that end, Link gathers the Instruments of the Sirens, only to discover a shocking truth.

This world exists within the dreams of the Wind Fish, and if he awakens, the island will turn to bubbles and disappear.

In order to protect the island and preserve their own existence, the demons attack Link.

•Koholint Island is Extinguished

Link gathers the Instruments of the Sirens. Standing before the egg where the Windfish sleeps, he has come to a bitter choice.

Thus, Koholint Island remains only within Link’s memories, and the awakened Wind Fish flies off into the great blue sky.

Link the Hero, saviour of Hyrule Kingdom, has alone extinguished the world of dream. He sails forth once more. His further whereabouts are unknown.


•The Owl

Frequently appears before Link and guides him on his journey. He is actually the embodiment of the consciousness of the Wind Fish.

•Instruments of the Sirens

The Full Moon Cello, the Conch Horn, the Sea Lily’s Bell, the Surf Harp, the Wind Marimba, the Coral Triangle, the Organ of Evening Calm, and the Thunder Drum make up the 8 Instruments of the Sirens. They are protected by demons in various corners of the land.

•The Wind Fish

A spirit possessed by nightmares. His outward appearance is that of a large fish.

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  1. Rayne より:

    To those who have this game, I’m sharing a little secret I found out. Sometimes, if you go to Mabe Village’s shop, you can get away with carrying the shield out the door. Outside, you’ll hear the salesguy say: ”Guess what? You got it for free!”. BUT DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE AFTER YOU’VE STOLEN IT. If you do, he’ll murder you. Seriously. You go back inside, and he’ll say: ”I wasn’t kidding about paying! And now you’ll pay the ultimate price!”. Then a lightning rod beams from him, fully depleting your hearts. I just decided to check out the shop, and thought it might be fun to pretend to steal. I was surprised when he let me sail on by with the shield held over my head. Outside, he told me(see above) and I just had to go back in and see if he was acting like nothing happened. As you know by reading thus far, that was a mistake. I found my punishment deeply creepy, and am never going to put a single pixel-boot in that shop again.

    • Snow より:

      You can actually do that with all items in the shop, including the bow. However, not only do you get killed if you do, you’ll also be called “THIEF” by everyone for the rest of the game.

  2. Rayne より:

    Hm, Marin still called me ”Link”… or does she not count?

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