Pg. 105 The Great King and the Triforce of Courage (Continued)

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The following was translated by Patas. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

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The Era of Decline The Adventure of Link

•The Legend of the First Princess Zelda

Regretting his mistake, the sad, grieving young king wished for Princess Zelda to wake up one day and placed her in the altar of the North Palace. He then stipulated that every girl born into the royal family would be named “Zelda” so that this tragedy was never forgotten. This became the legend of the first Princess Zelda.

The young king reformed himself and governed wisely, but the kingdom just decayed.

•The Decline of the Kingdom of Hyrule

No one worthy of using the Triforce appeared and the kingdom kept being divided and reduced.

The Kingdom of Hyrule was once a vast land proud of its glory, but over time, it decayed and became but a small kingdom.

The small Kingdom of Hyrule inherited the Triforce of Wisdom and Power, but after many years passed, the existence of the Triforce of Courage and the tragedy of the first Princess Zelda disappeared from the memory of its people.


•The First Princess Zelda

Even in the past, there had been princesses named “Zelda” after the legend, but the Princess Zelda of this time was the first Princess Zelda of the stipulation of always using the name Zelda. Every princess born afterwards shall be named Zelda.

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•The Map of the Small Kingdom of Hyrule

Underground labyrinths are scattered across many areas of the land of Hyrule. The southeast is a large fertile region with forests and rivers. On the west there’s a big cemetery and the traveller-deceiving Lost Woods. On the northern area there’s a steep mountain range and Death Mountain, the castle of the Demon King Ganon. The location of Hyrule Castle is unknown.

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  1. Covest より:

    This confuses me: The tragedy of princess Zelda the first? According to the timeline, this game comes later in the series after MANY different princesses named Zelda.

    • Snow より:

      She isn’t the first princess to be named Zelda, but she is the one who starts the tradition of Zelda being a mandatory name for Hyrulean princesses. Before her, it was merely a common royal name.

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