Pg. 111 Turmoil in Termina, the Parallel Universe

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The following was translated by Beno. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Hero of Time (Child Era): Majora’s Mask

•A World Destroyed After 3 Days

In Termina, the moon was gradually falling and in 3 days Termina would be destroyed. The child spirit called Skull Kid had stolen “Majora’s Mask” from the travelling mask salesman, but the mask’s terrible power was beyond the scope of the prank and it had an effect all over Termina.

Skull Kid mischievously stole the Ocarina of Time and Epona from Link and he was changed into the form of a Deku.

•A New Friend

After retrieving the Ocarina of Time, Link was able to return to his original form by the mask salesman. He asked for Link to retrieve Majora’s Mask in return. Concerned with Skull Kid’s demeanour, Tatl also decided to help stop his excessive mischief



In this strange different world, there were many people who looked similar to the people of Hyrule.

•Majora’s Mask

This ominous mask was used in ancient magic.

•The Fairy Tatl

Together with her brother Tael, this fairy was hanging around the mischievous Skull Kid. After being left behind when Skull Kid fled from Link, she and Link worked together.

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•Termina’s 4 Regions

In the middle there was a town called Clocktown with a clock tower, and there were different regions in each cardinal direction: the swamp of the Woodfall Region, the mountain of the Snowhead Region, the sea of the Great Bay region, and the valley of the Ikana Region. Since the Ikana Kingdom was destroyed, each region was ruled by a different tribe.

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