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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Twilight Era Twilight Princess

•Midna and Link

While looking for a way to overthrow Zant, Midna encountered a youth who turned into a beast in the Twilight. This young man from Ordon Village was Link, a descendant of the Hero of Time himself.

Among the Twili there existed a legend which said that the Hero would appear as a sacred beast. When Midna noticed Link’s transformation, she therefore thought that she could use him to defeat Zant and reclaim the Twilight Realm.

•The Fused Shadows and the Light Spirits

Being the Hero, Link was able to drive away the Twilight and regain his human form. He and Midna then travelled across the land to restore the Light World and reassemble the Fused Shadows. However, Zant caught up with them, stole the Fused Shadows and wounded Midna. As he left, he placed a curse on Link that once again turned him into a beast.

Link desperately travelled to Hyrule Castle to meet with princess Zelda. She told him to find the Master Sword and gave all of her power to Midna, saving her life. They then went to the Master Sword deep within the Sacred Grove, and as Link approached the sword, his curse’s demonic power was dispelled.



A young goat herder living in Ordon Village. Since he has the makings of a hero, the Twilight turns him into a beast instead of a spirit.

•The Fused Shadows

Ancient magic artefacts sealed away by the Light Spirits long ago. Its shape resembles that of a mask or possibly a crown. Midna wears one of the pieces, but the other three are hidden in temples in different areas of the world.

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•Ordon Village and its Residents

In the lush Ordona Province south of Faron Woods lies the rural Ordon Village. Its inhabitants live in harmony with the surrounding nature, and live off of herding goats and growing pumpkins.

The children of the village were kidnapped by Zant’s underlings during the twilight invasion. Link followed in an attempt to save them, but ended up in the Twilight.

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