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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Great Sea The Wind Waker

•The Boy and the King of Red Lions

In order to find Princess Zelda, Ganondorf sent a mysterious bird to kidnap long eared girls from all across the ocean. The King of Red Lions found and rescued the young boy Link, who had travelled to the Forsaken Fortress to save his kidnapped sister.

•The Young Boy’s Trial of Courage

The King of Red Lions decided to aid Link in his quest to save his sister, placing the future of Hyrule in his hands. With the royal heirloom called “The Wind Waker”, they went on an adventure together.

Link collected pearls from the deities around the Great Sea to face the trial in the Tower of the Gods.


•The Kidnapping

Princess Zelda, like all Hylian descendants, have characteristically long ears. Knowing this, he kidnapped girls with these traits and brought them to the Forsaken Fortress.

•The Wind Waker

This conductor’s baton was used in ancient times to conduct the prayers to the Goddesses.

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•The traditions of Outset Island

On Outset Island, the island on which Link lives, it is customary for young boys to dress up in green as they come of age. These clothes are modelled after those of the legendary Hero of Time, and it is hoped that they too shall become as courageous as the legend. It is customary to decorate the house with a shield of that era.

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  1. Rayne より:

    In the mangas, almost everyone has long ears. Even bystanders in the background. Even the Kokiri have long ears… Heck, even the TOYS from Vol. 1 of FSA have long ears! It seems that only the Gerudo and the occasional side character have ears like ours. Although I wouldn’t mind having elfish ears like Link’s or Zelda’s… but that might just be because I’m Irish.

  2. Cylon 007 より:

    I wouldn’t being a dark elf with magic powers and having a sword to.

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