Pg. 126 An Adventure Brought by the Wind (Continued)

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The following was translated by Snow. It has yet to be double-checked by another translator.

Era: Game:
The Era of the Great Sea The Wind Waker

•The Goddesses’ approval of Link

Link fought through the trials in the Tower of the Gods to test his courage and gain access to the Master Sword sealed away in Hyrule Castle at the bottom of the ocean.

Link assaulted Forsaken Fortress and challenged Ganondorf, but the Master Sword had lost its powers and couldn’t harm Ganondorf’s body. As Tetra tried to come to the rescue, Ganondorf saw through her disguise and realized that she was Princess Zelda. In the nick of time, Link and Zelda are rescued and flee the Forsaken Fortress.

•Zelda’s Awakening

The King of Red Lions realized the gravity of the situation and led Link and Tetra to the chamber of the Master Sword, where he revealed himself to be the King of Hyrule.

The king reunited the fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom, which made Tetra awaken as Zelda, the heir of Hyrule’s royal bloodline. To prevent her from being kidnapped by Ganondorf, the king made her stay in Hyrule Castle.


•The Master Sword

The legendary sword that only the hero can wield. In this era, its key purpose was to seal away Hyrule.


The headstrong leader of a gang of pirates. She was brought up without knowing of her true identity as Princess Zelda.

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•Decorations in Hyrule Castle

A statue of the Hero of Time stands proudly in the centre of Hyrule Castle. Underneath it lies a hidden door to a temple holding the Master Sword

The Master Sword rests right in the middle of the hidden temple, and its walls are decorated with stained glass windows depicting Ganon and the six sages who helped the Hero of Time seal him away.

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