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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Snow.


Ghirahim’s Sword Design Sketches

Right Sword Sketch:
Revised version

SS Ghirahim's Sword

Top Row – First & Second From Left:

Top Row – Third & Fourth From Left:

Bottom Row – First From Left:
Poor Health

SS Ghirahim

Ideas for Ghirahim’s Face

Left Side:
Human form

Right Side:

SS Ghirahim

SS Ghirahim

SS Ghirahim

Final Sketch for Ghirahim (With Mantle)

Ghirahim (Humanoid) With Mantle

SS Ghirahim

Ghirahim’s Weapon (Knife) Coloured

SS Ghirahim's Knife


A demon tenaciously chasing after Zelda. His sole purpose is trying to revive his “master”, the Demon King.

I much prefer it if you would call me Lord Ghirahim.

SS Ghirahim

Rough Illustration

SS Ghirahim

Final Sketch for Ghirahim

Ghirahim (Humanoid) Without Mantle

Left Sketch:
Diamond Tattoo Under Hair
(In reality, it’s not a tattoo but his real body showing.)

Center Sketch:

Right Sketch:
By the end of the game, his body starts turning black as he begins changing to his sword spirit form.

SS Ghirahim

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