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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology.


Design Sketches

Jovani was turned into gold after making a deal with demons. He’s much fatter in his final incarnation, but these design sketches depict him as slim.

TP Jovani

TP Jovani

TP Jovani


Purlo runs the Star Game shop in Hyrule Castle Town. Purlo was actually a character designed to be a more realistic version of Tingle.

TP Purlo

The watch makes a jangling noise when it’s taken out. It’s connected to his belt.


Ooccoo has an extremely unique appearance. It seems as though her design incorporates a touch of the painter Modigliani.

TP Ooccoo

The Great Fairy

The Great Fairy – 2006.5.25

•Totally white skin
•Six wings
•2 bones apiece

TP Great Fairy

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