Pg. 27 Skyward Sword Concept Art

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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.

The Bazaar

SS Gear Shop

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Gear Peddler

Peddler Style

Rounded Shoulders

SS Gear Peddler

Weapons Dealer


SS Weapon Dealer

Final Sketch for Rupin, Gear Shop

Gear Peddler

SS Rupin

SS Gear Shop

Weapons Dealer, Old Lady

Merchant of Death

Persuades With Her Face


SS Dealer

“We had some amusing ideas, like that the Gear peddler was actually doing fortune telling as a side business, or that he was related to the fortune teller. We combined the blacksmith and weapons shop into the Scrap Shop.”
(Oyama, Designer)

Final Sketch for Piper, Café Cook

SS Piper

Island Resident (5)

Cousin of “So Woman”.

Working part time as a waitress at the café. She is active, and her dream is to use the money she saves from the café to travel around the islands.

SS Piper

Top Row – Third From Left:

Skirt Has 3 Layers
Tomato-Coloured Hair and Plain Style

Bottom Row – First From Left:
Pink Skin
Scandinavian (?) Colours

Bottom Row – Second From Left:
Yellowish Skin
Fall Harvest Colours

SS Piper

SS Piper

Final Sketch for Croo, Cafe Goer

Bazaar Goer B

A Hat, Not a Bandana

He is secretly the grandfather of Rescue Team Member A.

Picky About Food, a Gourmet

SS Croo

Final Sketch for Dovos, The Gourmet

Bazaar Goer A

He’s overweight, so he orders diet food.

SS Dovos

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