Pg. 28 Skyward Sword Concept Art

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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.

The Bazaar

Final Sketch for Luv & Bertie, Potion Shop Couple


His bib has the same symbol as the Potion Shop.

The baby is always sleeping.


Strong and energetic wife. Dominate & scary. (Sells potions.)


Powerless and weak husband. (Makes potions.)

Takes care of the baby.

Potion Shop symbol on apron.

SS Luv & Bertie

SS Potion Shop

“All the other stores have one clerk, but we hadn’t decided the details for the potion shop and item check, so we had 5 designers sketch them. We chose the characters that we could expand our ideas upon the most. There were a lot of designs that weren’t used, and it’s a real shame! We rearranged some of them to use as different characters instead.”
(Hirono, Designer)

Top Left Sketch:

Potion Dealer

Grandfather & Grandchild

Looks strange, like a fake doctor.

Bottom Right Sketch:

Store split in the middle

SS Potion Dealer

Potion Dealer

Weak, cry-baby husband. (Sells potions.)

Gets in trouble when he takes too long with customers.

Short-tempered wife. (Makes potions.)

Stirs better than a man. She gets wild when angry.

Common instance of a man oppressed by his wife. A wife that gets angry at everything he does.

SS Potion Dealer

Potion Dealer

*Wobble Wobble*

Stopper to Drain the Contents

SS Potion Dealer

Middle Sketch:

Potion Dealer Idea


*Pant Pant*


SS Potion Dealer

Left Sketch:

Potion Dealer (1)

Good-for-nothing son. (Makes potions)

He rarely takes baths, so he’s covered in grime.

*Scratch Scratch*


Mixes in grime under nails for free. (Drool might get in, too.)

Right Sketch:

Very near-sighted mother. (Sells potions.)

Draw the glasses as her eyes.

SS Potion

Potion Dealer


SS Potion Dealer

Potion Dealer

(One of them is an unfortunate male twin.)

Left Sketch:

Makes Potions: Brother (Older)

“I was really born a woman!”

Right Sketch:

Makes Potions: Sister (Younger)


SS Potion Dealer

Potion Dealer (Buff Twins)

“Hey! Drink this!”

“We sell potions”

Dances Like EXILE

“Thank you!”

They are twins who want to do everything together.

Bottom Left Sketch:


SS Potion Dealer

Potion Dealer (3)

Left Sketch:

Badly hurt little brother. (Younger, sells potions.)

Right Sketch:

Large brother. (Older, sells potions)

Has a cold.


SS Potion Dealer

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