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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.


Final Sketch For Jakamar

Man Living in House 3 (F006r)

Father – 35 Year Old Man

Child – 7 Years (Or Younger?)

The child and father laid the tiles in the house together.

I used the tile story to expand the character.

He sweats a lot, so he wears a headband to keep it out of his eyes. (Gives the character spirit, too.)

Accessories Made of Tile:
Necklace, Stomach Wrap, Belt
Bracelets would hamper his work, so I didn’t include them.

Bottom Right Sketch:
Use just one polygon joint to make the eyebrows. (Child, too.)
If the duck tail hair gets in the way of the clothes, shorten it or get rid of it.

SS Jakamar

Final Sketch For Wryna


SS Wryna

On Helmet:

SS Loftwing

Final Sketch for the Rescue Knights

Rescue Team

Versions With More Individuality

Middle Sketch:
This one might be a woman.

SS Rescue Knights

Final Sketch for Kukiel

Daughter of Tile-Layer

Tile necklace and belt her father made. (He made ones her size, but she wanted the ones that he wore, and begged to get them.)

Wears her beloved father’s hand-me-down shirt.

Very shy and blushes red just from people talking to her.

SS Kukiel

SS Batreaux

Batreaux (Devil Version)

He looks scary, but he’s really nice, so he should mostly be smiling.

Symbol to the Top Left:
Devil Mark (Devil Version)

The horns are big.

He wears an outfit similar to the Hylian people because he wants to become one.

He put a cloth on his wings to hide them, but it’s falling apart, and actually looks more scary.

In order to put his wings out, the back of his robe is ripped.

SS Batreaux

Final Sketch For Batreaux

Batreaux (Human Version)

Batreaux has become a human. He hasn’t changed much from his devil form, but he’s very happy.

Top Left Sketch:
Devil Mark (Human Version)

The horns are small.

He mostly smiles.

His wings are gone, so the scary face that was there before is now smiling.

SS Batreaux

SS Batreaux

SS Remlits

Final Sketch For Remlits

SS Remlit

SS Remlit

Final Sketch For Gully


SS Gully

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