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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.

Skyloftians (Unused Designs)

“The cleaning man had a really strong impact, so I wish we could have used him. I wanted him to appear in a sub-event, but with everything else, he just kind of disappeared… However, his cleaning plotline was changed a bit and given to another character.”
(Hirono, Designer)

His tongs are long and big.

Gave him a boy’s hair-cut to make him look as young as possible.

Gave him white gloves because he wants to change into clean gloves if he’s dirty.

He’s always shaking his butt.

Lives in House 2 (F005r). Man who loves to be clean, age 20. Always fidgeting and high-strung.

SS Cleaning Man

A: Round Trash Can
B: Square Trash Can
C: Square Trash Can With Round Hole
a: Tongs (Big) Are Hanging
b: Tongs (Big) Are in Trash Can
c: Tongs (Big & Small) Are Numerous

Second Sketch From the Left:
A + a

Second Sketch From the Left:
C + a

Second Sketch From the Left:
A + b

Second Sketch From the Left:
B + c

There’s some trash in the trash can.

He uses many kinds of tongs to pick up different kinds of trash.

His constantly moving hips really stand out.

Bottom Right Sketch:
Tongs are arranged with type of trash. Doesn’t really look like trash can.

SS Cleaning Man

The man living in House 2 (F005r). Man who loves to be clean, age 20. Always fidgeting and high-strung.

Second Head Sketch from the Left:
Face Mask Version

Left Sketch:
When he sees trash, he can’t stand not picking it up and throwing it away.
He’s always on edge about who is littering.
He always picks up trash with a careful, light touch so that it doesn’t dirty anything else.

Bottom Right Sketch:
If he comes upon some trash in the road without realizing it, he always overreacts to avoid it.
Birds also avoid it.

Bottom Left Sketch:

SS Cleaning Man

Boy Who Loves Rabbits

Basic Personality: A boy who loves people and animals. However, if angered once, he goes into an “I hate humans, they’re so annoying!” mode. He loves his two rabbits more than anything.

Body: Small head, very thin. Doesn’t seem to have much energy.

Relationships: He has a kind heart, and so has fallen for the new pop idol.

Common Phrases: “What are you doing?”

Interests: Rabbits & Taking Walks

SS Rabbit Boy

Brand New Pop Idol

Face: Works really hard to look cute. She doesn’t look good without make-up.

Common Phrases: “I get hit on by lots of guys.” When told she’s cute, she’s very happy and says “No I’m not~!”

Interests: Keeping boys guessing. Because she is two-faced, boys are easily deceived, and they can’t let go of her easily.

Bottom Left Sketch:
No Make-Up

SS Pop Idol

Island Dweller 1

He is the uncle of Upperclassman A from the Knight Academy. He is the town carpenter. A former Knight. He is a good uncle, who comes to see his nephew when he sometimes comes to do repairs at the Academy.


Tool Pouch

SS Island Dweller

Island Dweller 2

A man who wanders the islands, going where the wind takes him. He sometimes sells things by the roadside. His face closely resembles that of the Potion Shop couple’s husband Bertie, so he is often mistaken for Bertie by kids and the elderly.

“I’m not the potion shop guy!!”

SS Island Dweller

Guide Who Runs Around Town

Basic Personality: Very Lively

SS Guide

Characters Born Through Trial and Error

The reason that Zelda characters have strong personalities and leave deep impressions is probably due to the “many layers” of each character, like those that can be seen in the unused character drawings. The famous Tingle may also have been born from a strong backstory.

SS Tingle

            Skyward Sword       Tingle From Majora’s Mask

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