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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.

Sealed Grounds

Sealed Grounds:

This is where Link first falls to earth. This is where evil beings sleep. It is also where the Goddess sleeps for thousands of years, and where her protector watches over her.

“This is the first place you fall to on the ground, so we consciously made it darker than the sky areas, and a bit foreboding. We tried to design it with elements of birds, and of the Goddess’s Harp, which is a key part of this story.”
(Kobayashi, Designer)

Goddess Temple Entrance, etc.

Top Left Sketch:
The accompanying part to the Goddess Statue on Skyloft. There’s probably more moisture on the ground than in the air, so this part will have more moss than its counterpart in the sky.

Top Right Sketch:
The ceiling is more colourful than the roof. By placing the Goddess’s mark here, we can connect this place with the statue in the sky.

Bottom Right Sketch:
An exit from the temple leading to a shortcut, which goes to the first forest area.
The design is the same as the exit facing Forest Area F. As soon as you come out this exit, there’s a log that can be used to make a shortcut.
Drop log and make shortcut.

Bottom Left Sketch:
An image that includes the large pillars on either side (Large Hole Side).

SS Sealed Temple

SS Sealed Grounds

SS Sealed Temple

Gate of Time A, Idea Sketch (2011/01/08)

First Sketch From the Left:
Idea A: Image of a door made out of many blocks.

Second Sketch From the Left:
Idea B: Forms door shape (As if it could simply open).

Third Sketch From the Left:
Idea C: Light comes from the centre.

SS Gate of Time

Goddess Temple 0819

Top Right Sketch:
Side View (Before the Break)
Goes to Sky ←→ Remains on Ground

Middle Right Sketch:
Goddess Temple (Before the Break)

Bottom Left Sketch:
Impa’s Room, Outer View

Bottom Middle Sketch:
Outer View of Main Room

Bottom Right Sketch:
The exit that goes to Forest Area F. Unlike the building on the large hole side, it is square.

SS Sealed Temple

The Sealed Grounds and Sacred Grounds

Sacred areas have an atmosphere all their own, plentiful with plants and animals, and warm sun beams… Although the Sealed Grounds probably don’t have any connection, it’s hard not to associate it with the place where the Master Sword is found in other games.

SS Four Sword Sanctuary

Four Swords

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