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A translation of a concept art page from Hyrule Historia. Images taken from History of Hyrule’s The Legend of Zelda art anthology. This page was translated by Zeldalady.

Sealed Grounds

Area for Big Boss Battle 2

This is when the boss appears.

Black stains appear on the ground.

I want smoke to bubble out, as if a black shadow is coming from the magic symbol.

SS Sealed Grounds

Usually has shallow lines. When it glows, the colour is white-blue. Match colour to glow of sword.

This is when the boss appears.

It becomes one size larger, and longer.

The marks of the three goddesses go here, one on each side.

SS Sealing Spike

Big Boss Battle Area Idea 0709

Right Sketch:
Full View of Area
Here and there you can see where humans left their mark; the area around the magic prison is especially apparent. We placed the stonework constructions and grass on the side of the path so that it’s easy to tell where you are, and what the shape of the area is like.

Top Left Sketch:
Cross Section View
The rock colours change at each level. We can also show changes by inserting fossils, etc. into the layers of earth.

Middle Left Sketch:
Magic Prison
At the four corners, there are pedestals of fire, and the area between them is shown at right.

Bottom Left Sketch:
The picture that is on the wall at the lowest level. Monotone colours.

SS Sealed Grounds

“When we thought about the gameplay involving the “The Imprisoned”, we made the area a spiral shape so the player could quickly know where the enemy was moving. The area is made to compliment an area on Skyloft. We also kept in mind the fact that this area was sacred and dangerous, where the Sheikah have been watching the sealed evil.”
(Fujibayashi, Director / Kobayashi, Designer)

Various Boss Area Designs


Top Left Sketches:
Impediment Gates
Gates that act as impediments to the boss. The big boss destroys them. It’s like a Japanese torii gate, and there will be several along the lowest level path.

Bottom Left Sketch:
Bomb Launcher
Bomb launcher. It should be easy to spot where it is even from far away.

Right Sketch:
Boss Area Sketch

Bottom Left Sketch:
The picture that is on the wall at the lowest level. Monotone colours.

SS Sealed Grounds

The Three Crests

The crests of Farore and the other Goddesses are carved on the stake that is in The Imprisoned’s head. These crests have also come up in past games. They have been associated with sages and races alike, and the same shapes appear in this story as well.

SS Medallions

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